Sunday, January 29, 2006

Christmas 2005 Vacation Pictures

Carl and Calvin went back to the Philippines this December 2005
for a whole month vacation for the Holidays. Wow, I bet that must be a blast!
Christmas in the Philippines is a ritual, a religous observance, a festivity.

I felt the joyous celebration of Christmas in the
Philipines during my youth. This was back in the late
60's and much of the seventies. I'm sure Christmas is
still a beig Holdiay there in the same way that i
experienced it thirty years ago.

I remember going around the neighborhood with my
and sing Christmas Carols to collect money or treats
from homeowners. It is similar to the Trick-Or-Treat
tradition in the U.S. except we didn't vandalize if
the homeowner didn't give much.

I remember going to church with Mom and Dad at 4 A.M.
for seven days before Christmas to hear the Aguinaldo
Mass. I enjoyed eating the 'Puto BongBong' or
'Tamales' treats sold by vendors just outside the

I wish Carl and Calvin will share those Christmas
Holiday pictures so I can remember the Christmas
Holiday that enjoyed
while growing up in the Philippines.


Thursday, January 26, 2006

Benguet Coffee

Ahhh .... I love my Coffee black with sugar. None of those coffee creamer. That's gross. I like my cup black and strong. It keeps me awake on thos edaily long commutes to work along Highway 15 South to San Diego California.