Monday, May 31, 2010

Minutes of Baguio City Association of San Diego County, Incorporated , May 22, 2010

Minutes of Baguio City Association of San Diego County, Incorporated (BCASDCI) General membership meeting held on May 22, 2010 at the Office of Rudy Liporada, National City California.

1. The meeting was called to order by BCASDCI President Lalaine Velasco at 2:30 P.M..

2. Members present during the meeting:
Lalaine Velasco
Fredz Madriaga
• Julius Sinlao
• Leah Mackee Stephenson
Pura Gordon
• Rudy Liporada
Auring Liporada.

3. Philippine Independence Faire
Discussion was made as to the preparations/participation of the BCASDCI in the Philippine Independence Faire 2010, May 29, 2010.
Manong Fredz mentioned that the BCASDCI Banner was lost/stolen during the last BCASDCI picnic at Rohr Park last September 2009
• Discussions were made on how to replace the Banner in time for the Philippine Independence Faire 2010.
BCASDCI was placed ahead of the Otay High School’s Panagbenga theme to highlight the annual Baguio City Festival.
• Discussion established that Julius Sinlao and Manong Fredz Madriaga will attend the Faire.

4. Donate Books Drive Project
Manong Fredz Madriaga brought up the proposed Book Drive. He stated that one to two Balikbayan boxes worth of Pre-school, Kindergarten, Grade school level books are being collected and will be donated to Elementary Schools in Baguio City or surrounding areas of Benguet.
• Two possible recipients of the Donate Books Drive Project have been identified. First recipient is the Children’s Outreach Program run by the Sacred Heart Community of Baguio City for children in Pasdong, Benguet. Second recipient will be the Buyagan Elementary School
Buyagan, La Trinidad Benguet though Jessica Angie Guieb.
• Shipping addresses for the recipients have already been identified.
• A fund drive for the Shipping costs will take place at a later time when the Books are ready to be shipped to Baguio/Benguet.

5. Firefighters Equipment Appreciation plaques
• Discussions were made on how to present the Firefighters Equipment Appreciation plaques.
• More discussions will be made next month on how to give these plaques to the intended parties.

6. Baguio City Association Annual picnic
• The BCASDCI picnic for this year has been planned for Sepetember 11, 2010 at Rohr Park, San Diego California.
• Gazebo # 3 or Gazebo # 4 (shade by a tree) will be reserved a month before the event.
• Picnic details will be finalized next month’s BCASDCI Meeting.
• We need to work hard to get people to attend the picnic on ?September.
Mackee will organize a band to play at the Park during the picnic.

7. Meeting finished and adjourned at 3:45 P.M.

Submitted by:
Julius Sinlao,
Vice President, BCASDCI

Chicken Pot Pie healthy version

According to wikipedia, a pot pie is a type of baked savory pie
with a bottom and top completely encased by flaky crusts
and baked inside a pie tin to support its shape.

Chicken Pot Pie is a popular American variation of the Pot Pie
usually served during the cold Winter months
but who's to say it cannot be enjoyed the rest of the year?

Why healthy? First, because instead of using regular pie crust
which utilizes butter (high fat ingredient), and shortening,
this recipe calls for phyllo dough.
A phyllo dough is a paper-thin sheet of raw, unleavened flour dough
used for making pastries popular in Middle Eastern, Greek, Indian regional cuisines.
This dough does not contain trans fat or cholesterol. I bought my phyllo
dough at an Indian market.

Second, I utilized a 10 ounce can of low sodium, low fat condensed
Cream of chicken soup.

Lastly, I got inspired by this dish from the book
"Healthy Family Meals" written by the American Heart Association.
I recommend the book to anyone wanting to make healthy versions of popular dishes.
Its a good way to introduce healthy cooking
as opposed to Saturdated Fat, salty fast foods laden foods
that permeate in our modern diets.

Chicken Pot Pie


- Cooking spray
- 4 sheets of phyllo dough
- 1 cup chopped Onions
- 1 cup carrots, cut crosswise
- 1 cup celery ribs cut diagonally
- 12 ounces of skinless and boneless chicken cut into 1 inch cubes
- 4 small red potatoes cut into 1.2 inch cubes
- 1 cup green beans (frozen or fresh) cut into 1/2 inch length
- Low fat, low sodium 10 ounce can of Cream of Chicken soup
- 1 cup chicken broth (home made or low sodium chicken broth)

- A dash of chicken seasoning
- 1/2 Teaspoon of dried thyme
- 1/4 teaspoon of paprika
- 1/4 teaspoon of pepper

Cooking Procedure:

1. Preheat the overn at 350 F. Line a baking sheet with aluminum foil.

2. Spray a pan with the cooking spray.

3. In a skillet, dutch oven or wok pan heat 1.5 teaspoons of oil
over medium high heat.

4. Saute the onions, carrrots and celery. Stir often for about 5 minutes
or until they begin to soften.

5. Put the chopped chicken into the sauteed vegetables. Stir often
until cooked, about 3 minutes.

6. Add the red potatoes, soup, broth.

7. Add the seasonings: chicken seasoning, paprika, thyme, pepper
into the chicken mixture. Add the green beans into the Chicken onions mixture.

8. Simmer over medium low heat then remove the pan from the heat.

9.Prepare the phyllo dough:
- Lay a wax or parchment paper on a flat surface.
- Carefully remove a sheet phyllo dough and place it on the flat surface
- Light spray the first sheet with cooking spray.
- Peel a second phyllo dough sheet and place it on the first sheet
- Light spray the second sheet with cooking spray.
- Repeat above procedure for thrid and fourth sheet
- Cut the stacked phyllo sheet enough to cover the baking Pan or ramekin.

10. Place a sheet of Phyllo dough unto the baking Pan or ramekin.

11. Spoon the chicken mixture into the baking Pan or ramekin.

12. With the sprayed side up, place the stack of phylo sheet
over the filling.

13. Press down gently to make a border. Press against the side of the baking pan.

14. Spray the edges of the phyllo/pan with cooking spray.

15 Bake for 30 to 40 minutes until the phyllo is golden brown.

Below is a phyllo dough I bought from the Indian Market.

Justin and Trevor's Birthday 2010

Justin and Trevor celebrated
their Birthday by spending a day at the

We went to San Onofre State Beach
which is about 12 miles north of

Gloria prepared our food for the trip
while I took them out to the Beach
for the afternoon.

Happy 9th Birthday Trevor.
Happy 14th Birthday Justin.

-Daddy and Mommy


Philippine Independence Day Parade/Faire 2010

BCASDCI members,

I would like to share pictures
taken during the
Philippine Independence Day Parade/Faire 2010.

Click on the Image below
or go to the site:

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Visit to Uncle Ariong

Cora, Manong Amor,

Together with Auntie Lina, Uncle Fernando, Ferlina, John, my kids,
we visited your Dad on Saturday, May 29, 2010
at Paradise Valley Hospital.

Uncle Ariong was about to go be discharged
so Aunte Lina were busy assisting the discharge medications, etc.

Your Dad still looked weak when he was finally home. As you can somehow
see in the pictures. his BP was still somehow high
around 180's (systolic) /something diastolic.

My assessment, I think he need someone to
be with him 24 x 7. I'll visit him more for days to come.

Click on the image below to see more pictures taken when Uncle Ariong was finally home.



Sunday, May 16, 2010

Philippine Independence Faire 2010

The Council of Philippine American Organizations of San Diego County, Inc. (COPAO)
in cooperation with Festivals of Festivals Parade
would like to invite you to the Philippine Independence Faire 2010
on Saturday, May 29, 2010 (8 AM to 6 PM) at Kimball Park, National City California
to celebrate Filipino-American History and Culture and the
112th Anniversary of Philippine Independence.

Event is covered by GMA Life TV

-Mark Herras
-Rhian Ramos
-Wendell Ramos
-Patricia Javier
-PASCAT Dance Company
-Samahan Dance Company
-Katriz Trinidad
-Jordan Aguillera

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Recognition and Award from Council of Philippine American Org San Diego County

Our Organization, the Baguio City Association of San Diego County Inc. (BCASDCI) was awarded and recognized by the Council of Philippine American Organization of San Diego County (COPAO) during the Filipiniana Gala Night/ Coronation Ball today May 15, 2010.

It was in recognition of our past President Rudy Liporada's kindness in accommodating the COPAO in his Office at National City during a time when their Office had to go through a period of building renovation. I believe there are other reasons for Award but I'm not aware of those criteria.

Present during the event to receive the Award was Lalaine Velasco, Rudy Liporada, and Julius Sinlao.

Please click on the image below

or go to:
to view pictures taken during the event.