Saturday, October 31, 2009

Our Halloween 2009

October 31, 2009

This night my goblins roamed
the streets seeking treats.

From door to door they knocked
and wishing everybody a Happy Halloween.

Justin seems to have outgrown this
yearly ritual. He's thirteen
years old now and it seems his interest
has changed. Gone are his interest for costumes
and seeking sweet treats, instead Video Games
,Social Networking and You Tube videos are more on
his interest list. He's contented to wait at the door to hand
out candies to roaming goblins in the neighborhood, he he.

Trevor, Kristen and Jep-jep (cousin) on the other hand
had fun roaming the neighborhood seeking sweet treats.
One house even made a Haunted house out of their garage,
how cool.

As they were headed home and carrying their baskets filled with candy,
Kristen told dad "Dad thanks for bringing us around the


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Cousins and relatives,

I wanted to share some old and
rare family pictures.

While on vacation in Baguio City,
I went through our old family albums
to find some old pictures.
I found these and had them scanned
at a local Internet Cafe shop.

Maybe you can download a copy for yourself
if it is dear to you.

-Tatay Francsico Nanay Uning

-Daddys Navy days

-Alex honor student

-Ramon honor student

-Thelma girls scout picture

-Estabillo Siblings

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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Miramar Air Show 2009

October 4, 2009

I took my three kids to the Miramar Air Show 2009. Well this year's Air Show
is more of a work related event for me but nevertheless, I brought my kids along.
Its something they didn't react with excitement, I should admit.
This is our third year in a row of going to the Miramar Air Show.
I think repetition breeds boredom as they have seem to see all
the attractions this year from the previous two years.

For this year's Air Show, I volunteered to be an attendant for our Company's
Booth at the Air Show. Nothing exciting, just take pictures of Air Show attendees
and print the pictures on the spot for their event souvenir. We used our
Company's portable picture printers. It would be nice if I had one of these at home,
but then again, going to a Costco Photo booth to order picture prints is much more practical.

I plan on not going to the Miramar Air Show at least for sometime, maybe two years.
As I think about it, Justin is now 13 years old. Will he still be interested to attend an Air Show by he time he reaches 15? Oh boy, these kids are growing fast.
I better come up with more interesting family activities that they all can participate and be interested in.

That in itself I think is a challege. How can you come up with an activity that
will appeal to a 6 yr old girl all the way to a 13 year old boy and an 8 yr old boy in between? I need to use my creativeness I guess. Any suggestions?

I scheduled a Camping weekend on October 16, and 17 at Sequoia National Forest
by Lake Isabella. Its somewhat isolated from urban areas set amidst a natural Lake
with swimming, hiking, camping activities, and equipped with cold shower and a flush toilet amenities. I hope this one wil not be boring to them.

I'll see.


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Miramar Air Show 2009