Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I just wanted to share Mommy's Funeral procession pictures, 28DEC2010 Mangatarem Pangasinan

Cousins, Uncles and Aunties,

I would like to share Mom's last trip
as her funeral procession takes her to
Saint Raymmund's Church in Mangatarem Pangasinan
and finally to her resting place at Saint John's Cemetery
in Mangatarem Pangasinan.

Click on the image or link below:

to view Mom's Funeral Procession pictures:

Monday, December 27, 2010

A Thank You letter to Mom

A Thank You letter to Mom
by Marivic Sinlao

They say we all come into this world with nothing...
but we had a remarkable Mom who fed and led us,
provided and prayed for us, loved and encouraged us,
She sacrificed her needs , gave us happiness,
acceptance, and self-worth ...

So really, we came in this world with everything.
Mommy, thank you for loving and helping us.
We discover the blessings that come from the one who loves us all, GOD.
Your kindness, devotion, humility , being soft-spoken, simplicity, and
your countless act of love… all these gave us our first
gentle glimpse of God!

Know how grateful we are, for the way you had raised us,
for teaching the value of integrity and work.

We are proud of how much you have accomplished
not just being a mother... You had been a wife, a sister, a daughter and a friend.

You are someone who was talented, hardworking, compassionate,
religious and yet stayed being so simple.

Thank you Mom from all of us. We love you dearly,
we will surely miss you!

Our hugs and kisses to Dad. Tell him, your mission
here on earth were both exceptionally accomplished!

We salute you both! We will treasure your legacy forever!

Mom's Life Story

by Julius Sinlao

On September 19,1927, Mom was born in Mangatarem Pangasinan.
Mom was born to parents Francisco Estabillo from Quetegan,
Mangatarem Pangasinan and Cornelia Ramos from Poblacion, Mangatarem Pangasinan.

She was the fourth child of eight siblings.
Grandpa Francisco realized the importance of education
and made sure that the Estabillo siblings attended school
and finish College.

Mom went on to pursue Bachelor of Science degree in Education,
major in Home Economics at University of Pangasinan in Dagupan City Philippines.
She then went on to pursue a career as an
Elementary School Teacher. She was the epitome of a Career
Woman/ Working Mother that is typical of today's modern woman.

One of her first assignments as a Public School Teacher
was in the Barangay of Dalangiring in San Carlos Pangasinan.
It was there that Mom met Dad whose Barrio was just nearby.
It was while being a teacher in Dalangiring that Dad courted Mom.
My Dad, Julian Sinlao, also happened to be serving as a Sailor in the United States Navy.

Although Dad was stationed overseas while serving
as a Sailor in the US Navy, he was brave enough to try for Mom's heart,
and gathered enough courage to communicate with her
through love letters every week.

Mom could not resist the charm and beauty of Dad's amorous and charming
love letters. After all, Mom was the source of Dad's inspiration.

Back in those days, asking for marriage meant Dad's parents had
to go through Mom's parent's permission for Marriage.
And so all protocols were satisfied and in April 11, 1955,
Mom and Dad got married at Saint Raymund's
Church in Mangatarem, Pangasinan. This day was the start of
fifty five years of unwavering faithfulness and commitment through marriage.

One of the places that Dad was stationed to was Guam.
There, Mom and Dad welcomed their first and only
daughter: Christine. After having their first born, three boys
followed: Fidel, Eugene, and Julius.

In 1962, Mom and Dad built a house in Baguio where they raised their four children.
While Dad continued to be stationed abroad in the US Navy, Mom
was the unwavering source of Dad's support and strength, courage in raising their family.

Mom instilled in her children the love of God, to serve Him, she developed a
love God at home. She taught that being fair towards others was a virtue.
She always love, compassion for one's neighbors.

She continued to pursue her career as a School Teacher
while raising four children. She then became an Elementary School Teacher
at Irisan, a Barangay of Benguet Province. She then transferred to Lucban Elementary School in Baguio City where she taught Home Economics and became the School's Nutritionist until her retirement.

Mom was also active in her local Parish at Don Bosco Parish in Trancoville Baguio City. She was part of the Catholic Womens League, being active in spreading the Catholic faith to others.

Mom had an ardent love for God, the Blessed Mother.
At home, a love for the Blessed Mother and her message was
revered. It was not unusual for her to gather all four kids,
make them kneel before the image of the Blessed Mother and The Holy Family
and pray the Holy Rosary every Saturday night.

This love of God set the theme and orientation of the family for years to come.

After years of hard work, Mom retired in 1985 from her career as a School Teacher.
It was then that she developed hip bone problems from years of prolonged standing
during her work as a Teacher. She undergone hip bone replacement but started having mobility problems from then on.

One of Mom's influences was her way of cooking. She believed that
it doesn't require expensive ingredients to make flavorful food and dishes at home.
She was so conscious about healthy eating habits, avoiding unhealthy foods
such as Soft Drink beverages, carcinogenic foods such as Longanisa.

God played a crucial part throughout Mom and Dad's life. It was common to see Mom and
Dad pray daily together. Both of them shared a common passion which is the love for God, and share a life of prayer. Both shared an devoted life of praying the Holy Rosary and Divine Mercy together.

Mom believed in honesty, simplicity in life,gentleness, morality.

Our families loves you so much Mom. You will be missed.

Click image below to view more of Mom's pictures,
or go to:

Generosa Estabillo Sinlao
September 19,1927 - December 22, 2010

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas Message from the Niño Family

My Family’s 2010 Annual Report

How time really flies fast.All of a sudden, Christmas is again in our midst.

We should not lose sight of the true meaning of Christmas despite its commercial undertones.

Christmas is a season for reflection about our spirituality and God’s love. Christmas has many meanings to us as Christians. Not only to celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ but to be re-connected with kin, friends and people dear to us near and far whom we had fond memories in the past. Let’s pause then for a while to greet you a warm Christmas . We have so many things to thank for. Let’s therefore count our blessings.

Note: If image above does not show, click on link below to see our Chirstmas 2010 Greeting Card:

Despite the economic downturn that pervades in our world today, I’m glad that we are still blessed as a family and are able to survive uncertainties for the last 12 months.

Our wonderful accomplishment this year was our trip to Europe: England, France, Italy, Monaco and Vatican.

Our European journey with Myrna opened our eyes. We were impressed by the countries and their dazzling capitals with their rich, vibrant and colorful histories. This journey, a dream-come-true for us, would not have been possible or as memorable, exciting and so wonderful had it not been for the warm hospitality and red carpet welcome of my close relatives where we stayed. It was a double treat for us because we were able to reconnect with them while at the same time they showed us around the tourist destinations and historical landmarks of these awesome countries.

London and England provided us tastes of their royalty, great museums, ribbons of subways and surface trains that made our trips so comfortable. We were also amazed by the storied Stratford where the great dramatist and poet William Shakespeare was born. Italy afforded us glimpses of its ancient history especially the splendor of Rome, idyllic countryside abundant with vineyards. Vatican swept us with the grandeur of St. Peter’s Basilica and spiritual wealth of Sistine chapel. France delighted us with the massive landmarks of Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe on the crossroad of fashionable Champs Elysees , sweeping vistas of Nice and Cannes by the Meditteranian Sea. The small principality of Monaco charmed us with its picture-perfect and breathtaking beauty. Despite their allure, I still prefer to live in the U.S. or the Philippines for many reasons too detailed to enumerate here.

On the personal side, my other remarkable accomplishment is my retirement effective Dec. 30, after 27 years of continued service with the State of California’s Board of Equalization as sales tax collector. I can’t hardly wait to be free of huge responsibilities. It’s a Christmas gift for myself. Now, I have all the time to pursue other interests like music, raising exotic plants, be self-employed and engaged in business and tax consulting, income and sales tax preparations, newspapering, advertising, public relations, event planning, graphic designs, printing brokerage, etc. I envision It as a one-stop shop.

Myrna and Denver are leaving for the Philippines on Dec. 17. I’ll take care of the fort while they are away. They’ll be back on Jan. 7, 2011. Myrna also plans to retire in 2011. Denver enjoys his job as occupational therapist with a children’s hospital.

We wish you a blessed Christmas and a more prosperous New Year. Let’s keep Christ at Christmas!

12540 E. Oak Creek Lane, Cerritos, CA 90703 * Tel. Nos. 562-921-5116 (Home) * 562-508-8099 (Cell)

Sunday, December 05, 2010

A Bye gesture at Dad

I dreamt of my Dad this morning.

I dreamt I was riding a Bus ready
to zoom away, while Dad was standing
at a Bus Stop, wearing a Coat and Tie
and carrying a suitcase.

While the bus was moving, I was waving
my hands with a bye gesture at Dad and
saying "Goodbye Dad", while he was
waving back at me.

His 40 days must be approaching....

Monday, November 15, 2010

World of Hope Project, benefitting the malnourished children of Baguio City/Benguet

fellow members of Baguio City Association of San Diego Country Inc (BCASDCI),

If you remember a while back, we sent a box of School Supplies, Elementary School, preschool Books to the Sacred Heart Community based in Baguio City to benefit an
Internationally funded social project called: World of Hope.

Since I am currently in Baguio City, I visited the Sacred Heart Community,
located at their headquarters at Military Cut-Off Road (near Baguio Medical Center)
to find out more about this World of Hope project and how our one Balikbayan box of school supplies contribution impacted the World of Hope, Baguio project.

Here are facts that I gathered:

Q: What is the World of Hope, Baguio project?
A: The World of Hope Project, Baguio is a project sponsored by the World of Hope, an international social organization based in the United States whose aim is to help feed malnourished children worldwide. There are currently four World of Hope sites in the Philippines and Baguio happens to have a site being run by the Sacred Heart Community.

Initially, the goal of the project is to provide adequate nutrition to malnourished children but have recently re focused and expanded their priority to providing livelihood training, skills to children such as Reading, Literacy to enable them to attain / reach their educational dreams.

Q: How many children are currently benefiting from the World of Hope, Baguio project?
A: Currently there are:
- 45 elementary age children
- 15 High School teens
- 9 College level young adults
benefiting from the World of Hope, Baguio project. With the exception of four kids living in La Union, the rest of the children, teens are from 19 Barangays in Baguio City/ Benguet area.

Another Project that the Sacred Heart Community is planning to sponsor is to
provide Art Supplies, anything such as Toys, books to Pediatric Cancer Patients
at Baguio General Hospital. The Art supplies, books, toys will be used to divert the attention of Pediatric patients undergoing Chemotherapy because the procedure is excruciating and painful.

Please go to:

or click on the image below:

to see more World of Hope, Baguio project pictures.


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My Grandpa's Life Story

My Grandpa's Life Story

by Martin Sinlao
edited by Julius Sinlao

In 1926, my grandfather was born in Kawayan Kiling San Carlos
Pangasinan. Although he was raised in the rural area and did farm work
for his family, at a young age he knew the importance of education and
would diligently attend schooling.

Grandpa would usually walk to school barefoot because they were poor.
His school lunchbox would consist of a handful of rice wrapped in Banana Leaf and a couple dried fish.

After finishing two years in high school, Grandpa headed off to the
City of Olongapo to find better opportunities. It was not easy to find
success, so he worked a series of odd jobs including shining shoes, porter for American Servicemen, He met an American serviceman that suggested for Grandpa Julian to join the US Navy.

Grandpa joined the US Navy as a Steward and worked his way up the ranks as a cook. While serving the US Navy, Grandpa was a part of the Allied forces campaign for the end of World War II, the Cold War, the Korean War, and the end of the Vietnam War.

Amid his early years in the military, Grandpa started courting my
grandmother. Although he was not brave enough to try for her heart as
a young boy, he mustered enough courage through love letters every
week to her.

My gosh did my grandpa know how to write real letters
that could charm any woman. Of course he had great inspiration to pull
from. Grandma Gening could not resist the Sinlao charm and they went
on to get married.

One of the places that my grandfather was stationed
to was Guam. There, my grandparents welcomed their first and only
daughter into the world, Christine. After having auntie, they
continued to have boys: my dad Fidel, Eugene, and Julius.

In 1962, they built a house in Baguio where they raised the children. While the children grew up, Grandpa was still an active member of the US Navy in order to support not only his parents, but the family
that he was building with Grandma Gening.

After years of hard work, he retired in 1968 with 23 experienced
years in the armed forces under his belt.

Knowing the importance of an education, he went back to finish his high school and Bachelors degree diploma at the University of Baguio. He majored in Banking and Finance and got a Bachelor of Science degree in Commerce. A diploma was not the only thing grandpa gained during these years however. He spent time catching up with years that he had lost with his children when he was serving in the Military.

Coincidentally they were going through school with him.

In 1979 he went back to the States where he helped my Auntie Christine start off her new life in America. In 1980 he joined the US Merchant Marines and worked overseas in a ship for four years where he saved up more. He had a great love for the seas and for that ship where he served as a cook. He returned to Baguio in 1984 and retired for good. While in retirement he then built his dream house in Baguio City.

During the late 1990s he went blind with Glaucoma. Despite this
handicap, it didn't stop him from keeping young through walking every
single day.He spared change to every beggar that he passed along
Session Road.To top off every walk, he would always treat himself to
either McDonald's or Jollibee, two of his favorites.

One of Grandpa's biggest passions was cooking. If you ever spent a
night in the Sinlao house, you would be awaken to the aroma of fresh
pancakes. Have you tried his coffee with brandy?

God played a crucial part throughout his life. He would wake up
everyday at 3 AM just to start off his day with prayer. Both my
grandfather and grandmother lived and breathed saying the Holy Rosary and Divine Mercy together.

Grandpa was an active member of Don Bosco
Parish and Church and the Holy Name Society. He would go to church every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. You could see him sitting in the front singing along to every hymn with his loud and proud voice. He was a member of the Parishe's choir.

Grandpa was an honest and firm man. He was intelligent and
charismatic. He left this earth as a sailor, a father, a grandfather,
and a very dedicated husband to my grandmother. He was truly a man to admire.

I love you so much Grandpa

-Martin Julio Cordero Sinlao

Monday, September 27, 2010

Dan and Myrna Niño Tour Europe September 2010

To all cousins/relatives,

We just returned from our Eurotrip last Wednesday afternoon (Sept. 22) after 16 hectic days of traveling.

We met cousins Vanessa and her family including her two cute and rambunctious girls and husband Nimmo (we stayed with them in fact) in Italy; Jocynel, (aka Oteng), husband Rafael and son , Liza Mas (daughter of auntie Luz) in Devon, England and her fiancé Rolly; Toochie in London, and Lani Ayento-Higginson and her two sons in Birmingham, England as well as my nephew Milbert Nino (London) and Myrna Nino-Sausse (Nice, France) on dad’s side.

I and Myrna had lots of fun visiting historical landmarks.

Go to:
or click on image below to see more of our pictures.

Dan Myrna Nino Tour Europe Sept2010_ (16)

I’d like to thank them profoundly for welcoming us into their homes and for touring us around.

I plan to write series of articles about this Eurotrip.
Talk to you soon!

God Bless,
Manong Dan

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Baguio City Association Picnic 2010

The Baguio City Association San Diego County (BCASDC)
picnic was held last September 11, 2010
at El Toyon Park, San Diego California.

The turnout for this year's picnic
was definitely better than 2009'2 Annual picnic.

It is refreshing to see everybody
to enjoy the Annual Picnic and a perfect
blue sky weather.

Viva Baguio City Association San Diego County.
See you all in a future BCASDC event again.

Go to:
or click on the image below to see more pictures.

BCASDC Annual Picnic 2010 (41)

Friday, September 10, 2010

Francis, Martin, and Justin watches the ISA Concert YouTube Stars

Francis, Martin and Justin attended the
International Secret Agents (ISA) - YouTube Stars
Concert at the Cerritos Performing Arts Center
last September 5, 2010.

Check out some of their pictures.
Go to:

or click on the image below:

ISA Youtube Stars Cerritos Concert SEPT2010_ (4)

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

A Gala Night of the Pangasinan Brotherhood USA

It was an elegant and glittering Gala Night of the Pangasinan Brotherhood-USA that was held recently.

It was like a gathering of fashionistas in Filipino attire ala Philippine Day celebration or Kalayaan year after year.

Majority of the officers, members and guests who attended the Induction Ball, Homecoming of PB-USA queens and awarding of the Ten Outstanding Pangasinan Entrepreneurs (TOPE) coinciding with the 32nd anniversary foundation of the Pangasinan Brotherhood umbrella organization, wore mostly well-tailored and resplendent Filipiniana dress for ladies and Barong Tagalog for men. Eight finalists were selected by the three-man panel of judges.

Outgoing PB-USA President Mely I. Cerame of Mapandan, Vener Diaz of Greater Dagupan City, Rhene Ferrer of San Carlos City and Vicky De Leon, wife of Lito De Leon, now mayor of Basista, Pangasinan were the finalists in the Outstanding Filipiniana attire. Board Chairman Tony Dator, Membership Committee Chairman Sonny De Leon, Vice President Manny Rabara, former President of Malasiquinians Pio Joves were the top four choices in the Barong Tagalog category for men.

Two femmes were adjudged as the winners in the Filipiniana attire namely Rhene M. Ferrer and Vicky P. De Leon by virtue of the loud applause and clapping of hands of the motley crowd and Pio Joves for best in Barong Tagalog.

Also spotted were former advertising executive and now event planning entrepreneur Hyacinth Lontok of San Manuel, accompanied by her husband David, still beauteous with her red stunning terno. Myrna E. Nino, wife of PB-USA President Dan E. Nino was also gorgeous in her exquisite beige terno.

One lady professional photographer exclaimed, “I didn’t know there are lots of pretty and charming women from Pangasinan.”

The program started off with the presentation of the current Council of Presidents of the Pangasinan Brotherhood-USA from various town and city associations and other affiliates before the singing of the national anthems by the Purple & Heart Band and Marius V. Beltran. The evening’s emcees were former PB-USA President Gil Mislang of Mangatarem and PB-USA Vice President Elisa T. Madrid of Agno.

Adding elegance to the evening was the seven pair- Pangasinenses dubbed as ” Dancing with the Stars from Pangasinan who strutted their synchronized waltz to the lilting melody of Engelbert Humperdinck’s Amanda waltz. They included Dan E. Nino of Mangatarem who was paired with dance instructor Cecile Ranchez of Alaminos City. Husband Victor Ranchez was still recuperating from head injury suffered while playing tennis. Husband and wife tandem Leoncio Dumlao of Mangatarem and Noemi Dumlao of Bani, husband and wife team of Louie & Ching Arzadon of Greater Dagupan City, husband and wife pair of Ted and Marites Bautista of San Fabian, husband and wife team of Roger and Lina Cabal of Alaminos City, Sonny De Leon of Basista and his partner Miriam Jovellanos of Greater Dagupan City and Hil Papilla of Malasique and Nancy Buenviaje of Greater Dagupan City.

PB-USA President Dan E. Nino who thought of the theme “Reaching Out, Hindi Ka Nag-iiisa” handed out one long stem of red rose each to the widows and widowers of Pangasinan Brotherhood-USA whose presence and involvement are still greatly valued by the federation.

The highlight of affair was the awarding of the Ten Outstanding Pangasinan Entrepreneurs (TOPE) who are chief executive officers of their companies. They include Virgil C. Aoanan (Civil and Structural Engineering Services), Abelardo E. Diaz (Construction, Surveying, Building Inspection and Appraisal), Eddie Caguia Ferrer (Custom Brokerage and Freight Forwarder), Dr. Rico N. Galvan (Dental Practice), Felix B. Lopez (Multi-line Insurance and Re-insurance Services), Ester Ferrer-Maramba (Importer of Seafood and Milkfish), Caesar S. Natividad (Law Firm), Bonnie Paragas-Oamar (Facial and Dental Care), Lydia Ferrer-Roldan (Auto Body and General Auto Repair) and Eduardo B. Siapno (Manufacturing, Tooling and Machine Shop).

Special award went to Roger L. Oriel of Binalonan who is the publisher of Asian Journal, the largest Filipino-American publication in the United States and Balikbayan Magazine. Her sister Imelda O. Palacpac received the plaque on his behalf.

Loyalty Award was presented to lawyer Mariano Aoanan who has been consistently been active with Pangasinan Brotherhood since inception when it was founded in 1978 as the brainchild of then Consul General Armando C. Fernandez, himself a Pangasinense from Dagupan City.

ABC School Board member Mark Pulido as keynoe speaker and guest of honor spoke of political empowerment. He challenged the members of the Pangasinan Brotherhood –USA, one of the more active and largest umbrella organizations outside the Philippines to lead the movement for Filipino-American empowerment in America. He rattled off eight Filipino-Americans who are now occupying elective positions around Los Angeles County.

Dan E. Nino in his inaugural address named several great men as his role models and used their leadership and political philosophies as his lifetime guidelines in his leadership role as a community and civic leader. He cited Philippine National hero Dr. Jose Rizal, Englishman Baden Powel who founded the Boys Scout movement, Dr. Frank Reed Horton who founded the Alpha Phi Omega Fraternity who espoused three cardinal principles of Leadership, Friendship and Service, Jesuit founder St. Ignatius de Loyola, who espoused “Be A Man for Others and the late U.S. President John F. Kennedy who was the brainchild of the Peace Corp volunteer movement who exhorted his countrymen, Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.

Two former PB-USA queens and the reigning queen were on hand as homecoming queens. They included Shenny Felix of Mangatarem, Kimberly De Leon of Basista and Nancy Buenviaje of Greater City.

Among the dignitaries present aside from keynote speaker Mark Pulido whose wife, the former Gloria Oriel Perlas is from Binalonan, were Carson Mayor Pro Tem Lito Santarina (whose wife Anita has roots from Lingayen) and Vice Consul John Reyes, himself, a Pangasinense from San Jacinto.

Dan E. Nno, who was introduced in a humorous fashion by his high school teacher and veteran broadcaster Eddie C. Ferrer as a frustrated musician, crooned and serenaded the beauty queens and the Ten Outstanding Entrepreneurs with a medley of Pangasinan and Ilocano love songs in waltz beat: O’ Naraniag Nga Bulan (Oh What A Radiant Moon), Dungdunguen (Lovinlgy), Naminsan Nga Malen (One Lovely Afternoon), No Siak So Mangaro (If I fall In Love) and Nalenak Lay Labi (The Evening Is Already Calm) . In nostalgic mood, the Pangasinensis waltz to their hearts’ content.

Contact Person:
Dan E. Nino
562-921-5116 (Home) *
562-508-8099 (Cell) *
949-440-4482 (Office)

Photos by Bobby Crisostomo
All Rights Reserved

Photos by Bobby Crisostomo
All Rights Reserved

Incoming PB-USA President Dan E. Nino with gavel (left) with outgoing PB-USA President Mely I. Cerame (center) after receiving her plaque of appreciation presented by the former and Board Chairman Tony Dator (right).


Outgoing PB-USA President Mely I. Cerame handing over the “gavel of leadership” to incoming President Dan E. Nino.


Dan E. Nino delivering his inaugural address.


The PB-USA officers with Vice Consul John Reyes (standing center).


A synchronized waltz routine from dancing partners Cecille Ranchez and Dan E. Nino.


Vice Consul John Reyes swears in the officers of PB-USA for 2010-2011.


The Ten Outstanding Pangasinan Entrepreneurs (TOPE) with their plaques from left: Virgil C. Aoanan, Ads E. Diaz, Eddie C. Ferrer, Ester F. Maramba, Bonnie P. Oamar, Lydia F. Roldan, Rico N. Galvan, Felix B. Lopez, Caesar S. Natividad and Eduardo B. Siapno.


A gathering of presidents of Pangasinan Brotherhood-USA past and present from left: Gil Mislang, Tony Barlongo, Bing Dela Vega, Dan E. Nino, Mely I. Cerame, Tony Banag and Ads Diaz. Not in photo are Ray Parayno, Mel Castelo, Rene Casaclang, Adolfo Dotimas, Fred Reyes and Ernesto Reyes (deceased).


Keynote Speaker ABC School Board Member Marc Pulido asks the Pangasinenses to be vanguards of political empowerment.


“Dancing with the stars of Pangasinan” participants.


All awardees Mariano Aoanan (Loyalty Award), Virgil C. Aoanan, Ads E. Diaz, Eddie C. Ferrer, Ester F. Maramba, Bonnie P. Oamar, Lydia F. Roldan, Imelda O. Palacpac on behalf of Roger L. Oriel (Special Award), Rico N. Galvan, Felix B. Lopez, Caesar S. Natividad and Eduardo B. Siapno. The others are Ten Outstanding Entrepreneurs of Pangasinan (TOPE).


PB-USA President Dan E. Nino with VIP guests from left: Carson City Mayor Pro Tem Lito Santarina, ABC School Board Member Mark Pulido and Vice Consul John Reyes.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Late Summer Camping trip, August 2010

I drove to Sacramento
last August 29 and 30, 2010
for a late Summer Camping weekend.
This is my third camping trip
for the year.

It seems this camping event was a very disorganized
trip for me. I was so in a hurry to head to Sacramento
for the Camping weekend that I forgot some essentials
such as sleeping bag, pillow. I arrived in Sacramento
late as well, hay.

Good thing my sister-in-law
brought a Summer Sleeping bag to share to me.
But mind you, the early morning cold was overwhelming.

I didn't bring nor cook food as well.
Quite a change from my usual routine of cooking good Camp Food
when I bring my kids along. See what the absence of our children
can do to our lives?

This time around, I didn't bring the kids to the camping trip
because School started a Wednesday before the weekend event.
Another planning blunder on my part.

Nevertheless, it was a good time to get together
with my brother Fidel, my siter-in-law ASte Marivic
and their friends.

It is a good departure from the hassle and bassle
that we face from everyday life. To forget the stresses of life
if but for a moment.

Go to:

or click on the image below to see more pictures.

Fashoda Ice House Camping August2010

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

School year 2010-2011 starts for our kids

Oh my, I can't believe Summer vacation for our kids is over. Today marks the start of School year 2010-2011. At least for our part of the country.

They start a new chapter in the book of life. They've been anticipating this start of school year: no more white, red and blue uniforms; school is nearby, new friends, lots of changes.

Let the school bell ring. Time to go to school.

Click on the image below
or go to:
to see more First Day of School pictures:

Saturday, July 03, 2010

Kristen's Fathers Day greeting 2010


I just wanted to share
my daughter Kristen's Father's Day greeting for me.

I was touched by her thoughtfulness
and gave her a hug and a kiss.

Click on the image below
or go to:
to see her drawings.

I love you KC.

Kristen's Fathers day greeting

Friday, June 18, 2010

Juanario Camatcho Funeral Day 17JUN2010

Cousins and relatives,

I just wanted to share some pictures
taken during Grandpa Juanario Camatcho's
Funeral Day 17JUN2010.

Go to:

or click on the image below to view more pictures.


Monday, May 31, 2010

Minutes of Baguio City Association of San Diego County, Incorporated , May 22, 2010

Minutes of Baguio City Association of San Diego County, Incorporated (BCASDCI) General membership meeting held on May 22, 2010 at the Office of Rudy Liporada, National City California.

1. The meeting was called to order by BCASDCI President Lalaine Velasco at 2:30 P.M..

2. Members present during the meeting:
Lalaine Velasco
Fredz Madriaga
• Julius Sinlao
• Leah Mackee Stephenson
Pura Gordon
• Rudy Liporada
Auring Liporada.

3. Philippine Independence Faire
Discussion was made as to the preparations/participation of the BCASDCI in the Philippine Independence Faire 2010, May 29, 2010.
Manong Fredz mentioned that the BCASDCI Banner was lost/stolen during the last BCASDCI picnic at Rohr Park last September 2009
• Discussions were made on how to replace the Banner in time for the Philippine Independence Faire 2010.
BCASDCI was placed ahead of the Otay High School’s Panagbenga theme to highlight the annual Baguio City Festival.
• Discussion established that Julius Sinlao and Manong Fredz Madriaga will attend the Faire.

4. Donate Books Drive Project
Manong Fredz Madriaga brought up the proposed Book Drive. He stated that one to two Balikbayan boxes worth of Pre-school, Kindergarten, Grade school level books are being collected and will be donated to Elementary Schools in Baguio City or surrounding areas of Benguet.
• Two possible recipients of the Donate Books Drive Project have been identified. First recipient is the Children’s Outreach Program run by the Sacred Heart Community of Baguio City for children in Pasdong, Benguet. Second recipient will be the Buyagan Elementary School
Buyagan, La Trinidad Benguet though Jessica Angie Guieb.
• Shipping addresses for the recipients have already been identified.
• A fund drive for the Shipping costs will take place at a later time when the Books are ready to be shipped to Baguio/Benguet.

5. Firefighters Equipment Appreciation plaques
• Discussions were made on how to present the Firefighters Equipment Appreciation plaques.
• More discussions will be made next month on how to give these plaques to the intended parties.

6. Baguio City Association Annual picnic
• The BCASDCI picnic for this year has been planned for Sepetember 11, 2010 at Rohr Park, San Diego California.
• Gazebo # 3 or Gazebo # 4 (shade by a tree) will be reserved a month before the event.
• Picnic details will be finalized next month’s BCASDCI Meeting.
• We need to work hard to get people to attend the picnic on ?September.
Mackee will organize a band to play at the Park during the picnic.

7. Meeting finished and adjourned at 3:45 P.M.

Submitted by:
Julius Sinlao,
Vice President, BCASDCI

Chicken Pot Pie healthy version

According to wikipedia, a pot pie is a type of baked savory pie
with a bottom and top completely encased by flaky crusts
and baked inside a pie tin to support its shape.

Chicken Pot Pie is a popular American variation of the Pot Pie
usually served during the cold Winter months
but who's to say it cannot be enjoyed the rest of the year?

Why healthy? First, because instead of using regular pie crust
which utilizes butter (high fat ingredient), and shortening,
this recipe calls for phyllo dough.
A phyllo dough is a paper-thin sheet of raw, unleavened flour dough
used for making pastries popular in Middle Eastern, Greek, Indian regional cuisines.
This dough does not contain trans fat or cholesterol. I bought my phyllo
dough at an Indian market.

Second, I utilized a 10 ounce can of low sodium, low fat condensed
Cream of chicken soup.

Lastly, I got inspired by this dish from the book
"Healthy Family Meals" written by the American Heart Association.
I recommend the book to anyone wanting to make healthy versions of popular dishes.
Its a good way to introduce healthy cooking
as opposed to Saturdated Fat, salty fast foods laden foods
that permeate in our modern diets.

Chicken Pot Pie


- Cooking spray
- 4 sheets of phyllo dough
- 1 cup chopped Onions
- 1 cup carrots, cut crosswise
- 1 cup celery ribs cut diagonally
- 12 ounces of skinless and boneless chicken cut into 1 inch cubes
- 4 small red potatoes cut into 1.2 inch cubes
- 1 cup green beans (frozen or fresh) cut into 1/2 inch length
- Low fat, low sodium 10 ounce can of Cream of Chicken soup
- 1 cup chicken broth (home made or low sodium chicken broth)

- A dash of chicken seasoning
- 1/2 Teaspoon of dried thyme
- 1/4 teaspoon of paprika
- 1/4 teaspoon of pepper

Cooking Procedure:

1. Preheat the overn at 350 F. Line a baking sheet with aluminum foil.

2. Spray a pan with the cooking spray.

3. In a skillet, dutch oven or wok pan heat 1.5 teaspoons of oil
over medium high heat.

4. Saute the onions, carrrots and celery. Stir often for about 5 minutes
or until they begin to soften.

5. Put the chopped chicken into the sauteed vegetables. Stir often
until cooked, about 3 minutes.

6. Add the red potatoes, soup, broth.

7. Add the seasonings: chicken seasoning, paprika, thyme, pepper
into the chicken mixture. Add the green beans into the Chicken onions mixture.

8. Simmer over medium low heat then remove the pan from the heat.

9.Prepare the phyllo dough:
- Lay a wax or parchment paper on a flat surface.
- Carefully remove a sheet phyllo dough and place it on the flat surface
- Light spray the first sheet with cooking spray.
- Peel a second phyllo dough sheet and place it on the first sheet
- Light spray the second sheet with cooking spray.
- Repeat above procedure for thrid and fourth sheet
- Cut the stacked phyllo sheet enough to cover the baking Pan or ramekin.

10. Place a sheet of Phyllo dough unto the baking Pan or ramekin.

11. Spoon the chicken mixture into the baking Pan or ramekin.

12. With the sprayed side up, place the stack of phylo sheet
over the filling.

13. Press down gently to make a border. Press against the side of the baking pan.

14. Spray the edges of the phyllo/pan with cooking spray.

15 Bake for 30 to 40 minutes until the phyllo is golden brown.

Below is a phyllo dough I bought from the Indian Market.

Justin and Trevor's Birthday 2010

Justin and Trevor celebrated
their Birthday by spending a day at the

We went to San Onofre State Beach
which is about 12 miles north of

Gloria prepared our food for the trip
while I took them out to the Beach
for the afternoon.

Happy 9th Birthday Trevor.
Happy 14th Birthday Justin.

-Daddy and Mommy


Philippine Independence Day Parade/Faire 2010

BCASDCI members,

I would like to share pictures
taken during the
Philippine Independence Day Parade/Faire 2010.

Click on the Image below
or go to the site:

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Visit to Uncle Ariong

Cora, Manong Amor,

Together with Auntie Lina, Uncle Fernando, Ferlina, John, my kids,
we visited your Dad on Saturday, May 29, 2010
at Paradise Valley Hospital.

Uncle Ariong was about to go be discharged
so Aunte Lina were busy assisting the discharge medications, etc.

Your Dad still looked weak when he was finally home. As you can somehow
see in the pictures. his BP was still somehow high
around 180's (systolic) /something diastolic.

My assessment, I think he need someone to
be with him 24 x 7. I'll visit him more for days to come.

Click on the image below to see more pictures taken when Uncle Ariong was finally home.



Sunday, May 16, 2010

Philippine Independence Faire 2010

The Council of Philippine American Organizations of San Diego County, Inc. (COPAO)
in cooperation with Festivals of Festivals Parade
would like to invite you to the Philippine Independence Faire 2010
on Saturday, May 29, 2010 (8 AM to 6 PM) at Kimball Park, National City California
to celebrate Filipino-American History and Culture and the
112th Anniversary of Philippine Independence.

Event is covered by GMA Life TV

-Mark Herras
-Rhian Ramos
-Wendell Ramos
-Patricia Javier
-PASCAT Dance Company
-Samahan Dance Company
-Katriz Trinidad
-Jordan Aguillera

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Recognition and Award from Council of Philippine American Org San Diego County

Our Organization, the Baguio City Association of San Diego County Inc. (BCASDCI) was awarded and recognized by the Council of Philippine American Organization of San Diego County (COPAO) during the Filipiniana Gala Night/ Coronation Ball today May 15, 2010.

It was in recognition of our past President Rudy Liporada's kindness in accommodating the COPAO in his Office at National City during a time when their Office had to go through a period of building renovation. I believe there are other reasons for Award but I'm not aware of those criteria.

Present during the event to receive the Award was Lalaine Velasco, Rudy Liporada, and Julius Sinlao.

Please click on the image below

or go to:
to view pictures taken during the event.


Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Lemon Lime Salmon - Camping version

Lemon Lime Salmon - Camping version

Another dish I made at camp is
Lemon Lime Salmon.
Again served with steamed rice, this makes for a
tasty Camp dinner dish.

Materials/Tools needed:
Aluminum foil

- Salmon Steak
- Cumin powder 2 tsp
-rind of one lemon
-rind of one lime
-juice of one lemon
-juice of one lime
-1/4 cup white wine
- 1 tbsp minced garlic
- 3 tbsp butter , cubed
- cold rice

Servings: 2

1. Put a Salmon Steak on a sheet of Alluminum foil.

2. Apply a dash of cumin powder on top of the steak.

3. Use a microplane to extract the rind of one lemon,
one lime into a mixing bowl.

4. Combine the wine, butter, lemon juice, lime juice, minced garlic,
into the bowl. Season with salt and pepper.

5. Garnish the Salmon with slices of lemon and lime.

6. Fold the foil around the salmon steak to form a pouch
with one end open.

7. Using a slotted spoon, sprinkle
the lemon-lime sauce mixture over the Salmon Steak unto the
pouch opening.

8. Seal the open end of the lemon-lime Salmon pouch by
forming several folds.

9. Meanwhile, Use a sheet of aluminum foil to
create a rectangular or square envelope with one side open.
Place cold cooked rice in the pouch.
Put it a tablespoon of water. Seal it to make a rice pouch.

10. Place the lemon-lime Salmon pouch and rice pouch on camp stove, charcoal
grill or open fire and cook for a good 15 minutes.

11. When cooked, place the lemon-lime Salmon pouch on a plate. Use a knife to
slit open the pouch. Watch out for escaping steam.

12. Spoon over warm rice over the dish.

Lemon Garlic Shrimps - Camping version

Lemon Garlic Shrimps - Camping version

I made Lemon garlic Shrimp
at our recent Camping trip.
This dish over warm rice
can be a fabulous dish.

materials needed:
Aluminum foil
cold rice

-3/4 cup white wine
-2 Tbsp minced garlic
-rind of one lemon
-juice of one lemon
-chopped parsley or cilantro
-2 lbs shelled and deveined Shrimps
-A stick of butter cubed

1. Use a microoplane to extract the rind of one lemon
into a bowl.

2. Combine the wine, minced garlic, lemon juice,
chopped Cilantro, Shrimps, and cubed butter into the bowl.

3. Blend the ingredients well using a spoon.

4. Using a sheet of aluminum foil fold it to
create a rectangular or square envelope with one side open.

5. Using a slotted spoon scoop the blended ingredients from
the bowl into the aluminum envelope.

6. Seal the open end of the envelope by folding it to make a Lemon Garlic Shrimp packet.

7. Meanwhile repeat step 4 and place cold cooked rice in it.
Put it a tablespoon of water. Seal it to make a rice packet.

8. Place the Lemon Garlic Shrimp packet and cold rice packet on a Charcoal grill, Campfire
or portable stove. Cook for a good 15 minutes.

9. When cooked, place the Lemon garlic shrimp on a plate. Use a knife to
slit open the packet. Watch out for escaping steam.

10. Spoon over warm rice over the dish.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Death Valley Park Camping

I brought the kids to Death Valley National Park, California
this Easter weekend (April 3rd and 4th, 2010).
Its a nice way to welcome the birth of Spring and enjoy
the great desert before the searing Summer Heat burns the place.
Wild flowers abound through out the desert.

Death Valley got its name from lost 49er Pioneers who crossed the desert looking for a short route heading West
but almost died crossing the foreboding terrain. Only one pioneer died out of the ordeal.

I didn't really calculate the distance of this place relative to San Diego.
All I knew was, the site is located somewhere and near Mojave Desert
and the City of Barstow. So I fuigured it should be a drive somewhere 4 to 4.5 hrs.
Boy was I wrong.

The drive was a good 6.5 hrs long, not to mention the time spent getting lost
in the dark since I travelled at night to take advantage of the kids being asleep.
The travel was, as if I drove from San Diego to Las Vegas.

Anyway, its a nice time of the year to visit the desert and appreciate the blooming
wild flowers; hike / play in the sand dunes. Temperatures are still tolerable.
A summer sleeping is all what's needed for a good night's sleep.

I'll share Camping dishes I cooked this time around in a separate blog entry.

Here are some of our pictures.
I hope you like them.
Click on the link:

or the image below.

Come on, go out for a Camping trip, smell the fresh air :-),
to enjoy the outdoors when the weather
permits in your part of the country.


Friday, March 26, 2010

Wireless Bridge Solution


Project 20

Bridging a Gap,


What You’ll Need

  • A wireless bridge—aka gaming adapter
  • Your computers with web browsers

Cost: $30–60 for wireless gaming adapter

For some of us, it is relatively easy to expand our network with wires. We “simply”

crawl under the house or in the attic, run some new wires, drill a few holes, install

a couple of RJ-45 jacks, plug in, and go. For many people—apartment dwellers,

house renters, locations with impenetrable ceilings and walls—expanding a network

connection that requires wires at both ends is at least a challenge, if not impossible.

While a laptop may network wirelessly over relatively short distances, walls,

pipes, electrical cabling, and distance can inhibit connectivity. Taking an example from

popular gaming consoles which have only a wired Ethernet port, some computing

devices such as network-capable printers, simply do not connect and network without

an Ethernet cable. A solution is to use Wi-Fi hardware to extend your network as far

as you can without wires, and then return to wires using the wireless bridge where


Typically, you would specifically look for a pair of wireless bridges—devices designed

to “bridge the gap”—but these devices are usually not in stock at even the most

geeky of electronics stores. If you already have Wi-Fi capability at one end of your

network, you can bridge the gap by adding just one easy-to-find device—a wireless

gaming adapter. As much by coincidence as luck in picking a low-cost solution to try,

I discovered that the D-Link DGL-3420 Wireless 108AG Gaming Adapter, shown in

Figure 20-1, will stretch my LAN.

Figure 20-1

The D-Link Gaming

Adapter is a small but

powerful addition to

your home network.

By adding a wireless gaming adapter as a network bridge, you can extend your

network well beyond just a length of wire or the range of wireless to include other

wired PCs distant from the main connection point, similar to the network schematic

shown in Figure 20-2. This too can be expanded on with additional bridges, as described

in Project 21.Figure 20-1

Project 21


Beyond the


What You’ll Need

  • A wireless bridge—aka gaming adapter
  • Leftover nonwireless router from Project 2
  • Your computers with web browsers

Cost: $0

Now that we’ve wirelessly jumped a huge span of real estate from one end of

the house to the other in Project 20, we can reintroduce wires into our extended

network configuration.

Our network continues to grow to include many computers at either end of a wirelessly

bridged network, to the new network scheme of Figure 21-1. All we need is that

old nonwireless router we removed from service in Project 2. Instead of being used as

the main expansion of our one-connection DSL or cable service, and as a firewall, we

reuse this gadget to become part of our local network at the far end of a wireless connection

configured in Project 20. All this takes is a few simple reconfiguration steps to

allow it to accept the IP address of our local network, turn off the firewall, and let it

dish out a new set of IP addresses for the extended network clients.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Estabillo siblings


Its nice to hear from you Lani.

Jocynel mentioned about
you earlier in Facebook,
thus you were added to
Quetegan Offsprings.

I'm Julius Estabillo Sinlao, the
admin of the Quetegan Ofsprings e-group.
My Mom is Generosa Estabillo (Maiden name),
extreme right in the picture below.
Vanessa's Mom is Auntie Lina (in fushcia dress
and second from right).

I'm a divorced Dad with three kids ages 12, 8, and 6.
I live in San Diego, California.

Its nice to meet you,
and looking forward to introducing you to the
members of this e-group.

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Xen Desktop 4 sneak peek

The main presentation
that I attended last Friday
at the New Horizons Sneak Peek
Event is a preview on the Xen Desktop 4.

Xen Desktop 4 Supports:
- Any Desktop (virtual or real), anytime, anywhere
- HDX user experience
- Flexcast Technology
- On Demand Applications

Basically Citrix sales people
did a demo of the usage and performance
of Xen Desktop 4 from a browser in the classroom
and explained its Architectire and

They were giving out arguments why
Xen Desktop 4 is better than their competition
VMWare View product running PCoIP protocol.

They've divided the type of information
being streamed to three parts:

- Desktop OS
- Apps
- User Profile

They're still using their proprietary
ICA protocol and claim that
it runs 90% less bandwidth
using HDX Technology.

HDX TEchnology
- leverage the processing power of the
endpoint device to render the multimedia content.

- Support real time collaboration: bi-directional
audio capabilities. Enables users to connect
audio peripherals: microphones at the endpoint device.

- Supports 3D

- Plug and play enables connectivity for USB,
multiple-monitor, printers, etc.

- best network performance using ICA protocol

- 90% less bandwidth using iCA protocol

Flexcast TEchnology
- Citrix's Solution to deliver any type
of Virtual Desktop or any Hardware
whether its a thin client,
a Desktop PC, a mobile device such as Iphone,
or a Laptop PC.

-This technology is actually not part of
Xen Desktop.

- Requires a license to utilize this, per seat or per user.

Xen Desktop 4 can deliver your Desktop for:
- Mobile users
- Guest (Kiosk)
- Office Worker
- Remote user
- Task user

On Demand Application

-Think Itunes store interface. Users are now
- Application virtualization that can be run
locally or hosted through a Data Center

- scalable

- Supports Open Architecture: Can run on any platform
using Hypervisor, any storage platform,
any endpoint device. Support Plug and Play
with Microsoft products.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Musical Evening with the Singing Priests

The promotion of this event is endorsed by our President Dan Niño and

Mr. Sonny de Leon.

Inviting everyone to attend

A Musical Evening with the Singing Priests

  • Rev. Fr. John Tandingan, Parish Priest, Saint Joseph's Parish Pangasinan Philippines

  • Rev. Fr. Jose Macaraeg III, Parish Priest, Divine Mercy Parish, Urdaneta Philippines

  • Rev. Fr. Jesus Bufete, Parish Priest, St. Louis Bertrand Parish, Asingan Philippines

Venue: Hillsborough Manor Clubhouse

16643 Murphy Road

La Mirada California 90638

When: Friday, February 26, 2010

Time: 7 PM

This is a fund raising event for the parishes of Urdaneta, Baluingao and Asingan.

For more information contact:

Sonny de Leon, (562) 519-3333

Elgitz Ranosa, (951) 738-8413

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Minutes of the Officers meeting Baguio City Association San Diego

What: Minutes of the Officers meeting Baguio City Association San Diego
Date: Febraury 20, 2010
Location: Rudy Liporada's office National City

Officers present during meeting:
Lalaine Velasco
Julius Sinlao
Rudy Liporada
Fred Madriaga
Rico Bona
Arlito Reclosado

guest: Leah Mackee Stephenson

1.1 At 2:30 p.m., the meeting was opened/started.

1.2 Lalaine suggested that Leah Mackee present the
Baguio Fireplace Musician's Group Musical Presentation on April 17th, 2010,
at Santee California.

1.3 Mackee presented to the group the upcoming presentation
titled "I MISS THE OLD BAGUIO" to be held at a bar named
Second Wind at Santee California on April 17th, 2010.

1.4 Mackee will give 85 tickets for the BCASDC to sell
to its members and Baguio acquantances who would be interested
to watch the Gig. Tickets cost $25. For every ticket
sold, BCASDC will receive $13. Everything as far as the setup
of the musical presentation venue has already been taken care of.

1.5 The event will start on 9 PM and will last for three hours.
It is a limited seating venue and will be reserved for members
who are elderly. Please come early to ensure a seat.
The bar will open from 6 PM to 1 AM. Come early to
allow for socialization with Baguio residents.
The event will mostly be a standing room only.

1.6 Mackee presented a CD composed and sang by her brother
Bobby Carantes from Baguio City. CD is entitled Bladegrass.
The music sounds of a somewhat folk - country genre.
If interested to purchase CD, please contact Lalaine.

CD costs $10. For every CD sold, $3 of proceeds will go to
the BCASDC. CD will be available for saleat the music presentation venue.

1.7 After her presentation, Mackee left the meeting.

2.0 The people present in the meeting then
proceeded to discuss the affairs of the BCASDC.

2.1 Fred Madriaga opened the discussion by stating that
during a gathering of BCASDC members last January 30, 2010
at Lillian's residence , there was a shared consensus that
that the Association is 'deteriorating'. It was then suggested
that something has to be done about the presidency of the Association
in order to establish a viable leadership for the Organization.

2.2 It was suggested that Lalaine Velasco step up to be the
acting President of the Association. All the Officers present in the meeting
agreed to the suggestion.

2.3 Officers present expressed that they will support whatever
the Presidency decides.

3.1 Other suggestions by Officers at the meeting:

-Rico Bona suggested that Association Projects
should be simple and doable and must not be elaborate
so the Assocation has no difficulty attaining it.

-Plan out the logistics so that the picnic on September
will be a decent event.

-Officer Elections for the Organization will be held at the Septmeber picnic.

3.2 It was suggested that the "I MISS THE OLD BAGUIO" musical presentaiton
be used as a potential to recruit new members to the Organization.
Rico Bona suggested to hang a BCASDC Assocation banner at the venue so
that people will see it.