Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Nice to hear from you

Im glad you were able to contact my sister Christine.

I'm glad all is well with you, Norman,
your two daughters, Ruth, and her kids as well.

Thanks for sharing your pictures.
Marico and Danielle have grown so much from the last time
I saw them, they were just little girls.
How time really flies and how they grow so fast.

Below, are our pictures.
My kids, Justin is a Freshman here in San Diego,
middle child, Trevor is in 4th grade and the
youngest is Kristen, 7 yrs. old, is 2nd grade.

Take care. And keep in touch.


Here are our recent pictures:

1. Trip to Yosemite National Park with Justin and Trevor during the Summer of 2010:

Or go to:

2. Trip to Las Vegas with Anna, and my kids Justin, Trevor, Kristen this Winter of 2011:

Or go to: