Sunday, February 26, 2006

Mom and Dad's Golden Wedding

Mom and Dads Golden Wedding April 2005By request, here's Mom and Dad's Golden Wedding Anniversary pictures. The occasion was held on April 12, 2005 at Saint Raymund's Church, in a town called Mangatarem Pangasinan, Philippines. Mom and Dad got married in this chruch 50 years ago.
Its been a year since the occasion was held.

Well, as the saying goes, better to to be late than never.

Please click on the image to view more pictures from our online Photo Album.Mom and Dads Golden Wedding April 2005

Friday, February 24, 2006


I just turned 41. I celebrated my birthday
by inviting family members and my in-laws out for dinner at
Great Moon Buffet at Pacific Beach, a district
of San Diego California.

Manong Fidel drove all the way down to San Diego
from Sacramento. Carl, Calvin, Francis, and Martin
drove with Manong Fidel as well. Its nice of them
to come down for the occasion.

Gloria, and my kids: Justin, Trevor and Kristen; Kuya
Raul, Ate Susan, Ate Marie, Kris, Allen, Leah, Ryan,
Jaela were present as well.

It was a buffet dinner so everybody got to pick
the food they wanted.

Another year of blessings has passed by. I thank God for
such a fruitful year. I pray that God will bless me with
another year of blessings!


Saturday, February 18, 2006

My Cisco Finals

Its February 17, 2006 and I'm winding down this
Cisco Academy course I attended which lasted for a
year. I attended all day classes every Saturdays
for a whole straight year!

The Cisco Academy course demanded a lot of
to satisfactorily complete the program. Numerous Case
Studies, Four Final exams, bunch of Hands-On
Scenario exams, just to get this piece of Certificate.

Yes that's a whole lot of Saturdays that I could have
spent with my family. Time spent spent with Gloria and
the three kids.

I promise, after this course, no more weekend courses!

Although, it is inherent that Information Technology
Industry Professionals must 'keep up' with the fast
changing technologies to be competitive in this kind
of profession or else risk getting that pink slip when
its time for lay-offs.

That means studying and keeping your IT Certification

Of course Experience is also a vital element in the
mix of things that make a person marketable.

After this course what's next ?

Hmmm... I enrolled in an Online Microsoft Server 2003
class since I work in a Windows platform house.
I'll let you know how this next class is going.

I'll post my experiences in my next Blog.


Monday, February 13, 2006

My future book by Justin

hi everyone its me Justin,

I'm still writing this story below but its
not quite finished yet.
What do think about my story so far? You think I can be a future Tom Clancy, hi, hi?

One day at a military base in LA. Sergeant Daniel, second in commend zack, first in commend chase, and General Cody where assigned to find  a federal military documents.
The mission started in April 4, 2010 and lasted for 2 years.
It all started in the Lz also known as the landing zone. It was summer when they landed. There was no one in sight so they made a circle and pushed through the forest. When they saw enemies they opened fire, hoped for the best end kept moving. Then when they reached there target they called air strike, to take out Warheads, Jets, Tanks,AAguns, infantry and more. When they finished bombing, they went inside took the documents end left ... 

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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Kuya Chito's 50 year Birthday Celebration

I spent Feb. 12, 2006 all day with my son Justin and Trevor at Kuya Chito's 50th birthday. I brought Justin to his Catechism session just like every Sunday. After Justin's Catechism session, we drove to Simon's Banquet Center in San Pedro, California.

My cousin Dan Nino, coordinated and emceed the lunch and afternoon event.

A lunch of Salad, Steak, and Baked Salmon was a welcome lunch for us. There were lots of guests, lots of relatives, friends from Kuya Chito and Ate Christine's side came to the occassion.

After lunch came the toast of Champagne for the celebrant. Several friends also gave a toast to the celebrant. There was even a slide show of Kuya Chito's pictures through the years.

As the afternoon paassed, the dance floor was opened to all the guests. The guests were treated to live music by Alex Lagman , Carina Afable & Co. Band.

I would say the afternoon was a refreshing break from the daily stresses of life.

-Julius Sinlao