Thursday, August 09, 2012

Welcome back to California sons

August 9, 2012

I picked up Trevor and Justin from
Los International Airport (LAX) last night
from their almost two months vacation
the Philippines/ Baguio City.

There was lots of potential
obstacles for them not to make it
though this trip.

There was massive flooding in Manila,
the past weeks. Justin and Trevor's
trip from Baguio City accompanied by Gloria
was uncertain and could have taken hours
to bypass the flooded areas just to reach
Ninoy Aquino international Airport.

Thanks to the persistence of Gloria, Justin,
kuya Dick, they made it to the Airport in
time for the flight.

Arrival time at LAX was one hour late around 8;10 PM.

When the boys finally got out of the US Customs
and at the passenger arrival area, I was glad to see
the two boys safe and sound. They looked tired from
the trip but I was glad to hug them both.

On our way back to San Diego, I took them to
an In-N-Out Burger Joint by the Freeway.
I figured a juicy double-double Burger would be appealing
after two months of being out of the country.

Summer Vacation's almost over but I'll try to squeeze
in activities that are worth doing before School starts

Welcome home sons.


Friday, July 13, 2012

Dear sons ...

July 13, 2012,

Dear Sons,

When i write sons, I meant Justin and Trevor.
Who else, he, he. How are you both?

I hope all is well with your vacation
there in the Philippines.

Please say hello to KC as well and Mom as well.

I miss you both and KC.

I hope you're enjoying your vacation, and recharge
your energies since once the New School Year starts
it will be all hard work with books, homeworks,
curricular activities.

I love you all.



Monday, June 11, 2012

A trip to Malibu Lagoon Beach and Universal Studios City Walk

I took my three kids Justin, Trevor and KC;
and Anna to Malibu Lagoon Beach and
Universal Studios City Walk
last Sunday June 10, 2012.

It started off with a brunch at
Embassy Suites - Anaheim-South Hotel
at 11767 Harbor Boulevard, Garden Grove
California then we proceeded to Malibu
Lagoon Beach.

Afterwards after a brief rest, we took the subway
train in Los Angeles and headed for North Hollywood to
Universal Studios City Walk.

After the day's activity, it sure was a tiring
but fun day.

Click on the image to see our pictures.
Check our pictures below.


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These are pictures taken during the
Pangasinan Brotherhood Ball.
Hope you like it.


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Thursday, June 07, 2012

School's Out, Welcome Summer 2012 Vacation

School's Out, welcome to Summer 2012 Vacation!

It will be two and a half months of no school for the kids.
They're going to the Philippines for the vacation shortly.
Hope they will have fun back in Baguio City, and other
parts of the Philippines.

Meantime, I would like to congratulate Trevor
for the award presented to him today for his outstanding
Academic Excellence.


Congratulations Trevor! Mom and Dad, kuya Justin, and Kristen,
and all our extended family are proud of your achievement.


Monday, June 04, 2012

Build A Miracle Tijuana day 03JUN2012

Today June 3, 2012, I took my two sons Justin and Trevor
to Tijuana Mexico to participate in the Build-A-Miracle project.

Build-A-Miracle is a 501 (c) (3) Non-Profit Organization whose aim
is to build beautiful houses for poor Mexicans families
living in Tijuana Mexico. For more information about their
program, go to:

Its hard labor work, mind you. Here are the tasks involed:
- Carry gravel and sand using bucket
- Mix Cement, Gravel , Sand, and water to make Concrete mud
- Wheelbarrow concrete mud and dump into site to form Concrete Pad
- Paint walls
- Install drywall

These work are done by Carpenters and laborers back in my home country
the Philippines. I'm OK doing this work as I used to work as a Carpenter myself
when we did a demolish and complete rebuild
of our home in Baguio City and from being a part of the Construction Battalion back in my US Navy days.

Click the image below to see more pictures:

Justin and Tyler a Build-A-Miracle Project
Why would I expose my two young kids to this scenario?
I would like them to appreciate the value of knowing how to use their hands.
To appreciate the poverty and hardship in an environment
they would not normally see. And to know how to help their fellow man.