Thursday, August 09, 2012

Welcome back to California sons

August 9, 2012

I picked up Trevor and Justin from
Los International Airport (LAX) last night
from their almost two months vacation
the Philippines/ Baguio City.

There was lots of potential
obstacles for them not to make it
though this trip.

There was massive flooding in Manila,
the past weeks. Justin and Trevor's
trip from Baguio City accompanied by Gloria
was uncertain and could have taken hours
to bypass the flooded areas just to reach
Ninoy Aquino international Airport.

Thanks to the persistence of Gloria, Justin,
kuya Dick, they made it to the Airport in
time for the flight.

Arrival time at LAX was one hour late around 8;10 PM.

When the boys finally got out of the US Customs
and at the passenger arrival area, I was glad to see
the two boys safe and sound. They looked tired from
the trip but I was glad to hug them both.

On our way back to San Diego, I took them to
an In-N-Out Burger Joint by the Freeway.
I figured a juicy double-double Burger would be appealing
after two months of being out of the country.

Summer Vacation's almost over but I'll try to squeeze
in activities that are worth doing before School starts

Welcome home sons.