Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Build-A-Miracle trip to Tijuana Mexico 27NOV2011

Justin and I joined the Build-A-Miracle program.
What is Build-A-Miracle program you might ask.
It is non-profit program established in 2001,
whose aim is to build homes with the aid of charitable
donations for single mothers, widowsers who are struggling to
keep their kids in school.

The people who run and organize this project: Chris and Julianne North are members of our Parish at Saint Gregory the Great. I heard about this program several times being mentioned after Mass. Its only now that I took the bold step, time
to put on my working clothes and help out. I dragged Justin along with me.

I also wanted my 15 year old son Justin to see the poverty around him and realize the importance of helping out in the Community. To learn the Building trade apart from the video games routine he is sed to at home. I also wanted us (father and son) to learn about the religous dimension of Charity as Jesus taught us to love thy neighbor.

Click on the image below to see our trip pictures or go to: http://www.flickr.com/photos/juliusweb/sets/72157628202119133/