Monday, September 27, 2010

Dan and Myrna Niño Tour Europe September 2010

To all cousins/relatives,

We just returned from our Eurotrip last Wednesday afternoon (Sept. 22) after 16 hectic days of traveling.

We met cousins Vanessa and her family including her two cute and rambunctious girls and husband Nimmo (we stayed with them in fact) in Italy; Jocynel, (aka Oteng), husband Rafael and son , Liza Mas (daughter of auntie Luz) in Devon, England and her fiancé Rolly; Toochie in London, and Lani Ayento-Higginson and her two sons in Birmingham, England as well as my nephew Milbert Nino (London) and Myrna Nino-Sausse (Nice, France) on dad’s side.

I and Myrna had lots of fun visiting historical landmarks.

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Dan Myrna Nino Tour Europe Sept2010_ (16)

I’d like to thank them profoundly for welcoming us into their homes and for touring us around.

I plan to write series of articles about this Eurotrip.
Talk to you soon!

God Bless,
Manong Dan

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Baguio City Association Picnic 2010

The Baguio City Association San Diego County (BCASDC)
picnic was held last September 11, 2010
at El Toyon Park, San Diego California.

The turnout for this year's picnic
was definitely better than 2009'2 Annual picnic.

It is refreshing to see everybody
to enjoy the Annual Picnic and a perfect
blue sky weather.

Viva Baguio City Association San Diego County.
See you all in a future BCASDC event again.

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BCASDC Annual Picnic 2010 (41)

Friday, September 10, 2010

Francis, Martin, and Justin watches the ISA Concert YouTube Stars

Francis, Martin and Justin attended the
International Secret Agents (ISA) - YouTube Stars
Concert at the Cerritos Performing Arts Center
last September 5, 2010.

Check out some of their pictures.
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ISA Youtube Stars Cerritos Concert SEPT2010_ (4)

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

A Gala Night of the Pangasinan Brotherhood USA

It was an elegant and glittering Gala Night of the Pangasinan Brotherhood-USA that was held recently.

It was like a gathering of fashionistas in Filipino attire ala Philippine Day celebration or Kalayaan year after year.

Majority of the officers, members and guests who attended the Induction Ball, Homecoming of PB-USA queens and awarding of the Ten Outstanding Pangasinan Entrepreneurs (TOPE) coinciding with the 32nd anniversary foundation of the Pangasinan Brotherhood umbrella organization, wore mostly well-tailored and resplendent Filipiniana dress for ladies and Barong Tagalog for men. Eight finalists were selected by the three-man panel of judges.

Outgoing PB-USA President Mely I. Cerame of Mapandan, Vener Diaz of Greater Dagupan City, Rhene Ferrer of San Carlos City and Vicky De Leon, wife of Lito De Leon, now mayor of Basista, Pangasinan were the finalists in the Outstanding Filipiniana attire. Board Chairman Tony Dator, Membership Committee Chairman Sonny De Leon, Vice President Manny Rabara, former President of Malasiquinians Pio Joves were the top four choices in the Barong Tagalog category for men.

Two femmes were adjudged as the winners in the Filipiniana attire namely Rhene M. Ferrer and Vicky P. De Leon by virtue of the loud applause and clapping of hands of the motley crowd and Pio Joves for best in Barong Tagalog.

Also spotted were former advertising executive and now event planning entrepreneur Hyacinth Lontok of San Manuel, accompanied by her husband David, still beauteous with her red stunning terno. Myrna E. Nino, wife of PB-USA President Dan E. Nino was also gorgeous in her exquisite beige terno.

One lady professional photographer exclaimed, “I didn’t know there are lots of pretty and charming women from Pangasinan.”

The program started off with the presentation of the current Council of Presidents of the Pangasinan Brotherhood-USA from various town and city associations and other affiliates before the singing of the national anthems by the Purple & Heart Band and Marius V. Beltran. The evening’s emcees were former PB-USA President Gil Mislang of Mangatarem and PB-USA Vice President Elisa T. Madrid of Agno.

Adding elegance to the evening was the seven pair- Pangasinenses dubbed as ” Dancing with the Stars from Pangasinan who strutted their synchronized waltz to the lilting melody of Engelbert Humperdinck’s Amanda waltz. They included Dan E. Nino of Mangatarem who was paired with dance instructor Cecile Ranchez of Alaminos City. Husband Victor Ranchez was still recuperating from head injury suffered while playing tennis. Husband and wife tandem Leoncio Dumlao of Mangatarem and Noemi Dumlao of Bani, husband and wife team of Louie & Ching Arzadon of Greater Dagupan City, husband and wife pair of Ted and Marites Bautista of San Fabian, husband and wife team of Roger and Lina Cabal of Alaminos City, Sonny De Leon of Basista and his partner Miriam Jovellanos of Greater Dagupan City and Hil Papilla of Malasique and Nancy Buenviaje of Greater Dagupan City.

PB-USA President Dan E. Nino who thought of the theme “Reaching Out, Hindi Ka Nag-iiisa” handed out one long stem of red rose each to the widows and widowers of Pangasinan Brotherhood-USA whose presence and involvement are still greatly valued by the federation.

The highlight of affair was the awarding of the Ten Outstanding Pangasinan Entrepreneurs (TOPE) who are chief executive officers of their companies. They include Virgil C. Aoanan (Civil and Structural Engineering Services), Abelardo E. Diaz (Construction, Surveying, Building Inspection and Appraisal), Eddie Caguia Ferrer (Custom Brokerage and Freight Forwarder), Dr. Rico N. Galvan (Dental Practice), Felix B. Lopez (Multi-line Insurance and Re-insurance Services), Ester Ferrer-Maramba (Importer of Seafood and Milkfish), Caesar S. Natividad (Law Firm), Bonnie Paragas-Oamar (Facial and Dental Care), Lydia Ferrer-Roldan (Auto Body and General Auto Repair) and Eduardo B. Siapno (Manufacturing, Tooling and Machine Shop).

Special award went to Roger L. Oriel of Binalonan who is the publisher of Asian Journal, the largest Filipino-American publication in the United States and Balikbayan Magazine. Her sister Imelda O. Palacpac received the plaque on his behalf.

Loyalty Award was presented to lawyer Mariano Aoanan who has been consistently been active with Pangasinan Brotherhood since inception when it was founded in 1978 as the brainchild of then Consul General Armando C. Fernandez, himself a Pangasinense from Dagupan City.

ABC School Board member Mark Pulido as keynoe speaker and guest of honor spoke of political empowerment. He challenged the members of the Pangasinan Brotherhood –USA, one of the more active and largest umbrella organizations outside the Philippines to lead the movement for Filipino-American empowerment in America. He rattled off eight Filipino-Americans who are now occupying elective positions around Los Angeles County.

Dan E. Nino in his inaugural address named several great men as his role models and used their leadership and political philosophies as his lifetime guidelines in his leadership role as a community and civic leader. He cited Philippine National hero Dr. Jose Rizal, Englishman Baden Powel who founded the Boys Scout movement, Dr. Frank Reed Horton who founded the Alpha Phi Omega Fraternity who espoused three cardinal principles of Leadership, Friendship and Service, Jesuit founder St. Ignatius de Loyola, who espoused “Be A Man for Others and the late U.S. President John F. Kennedy who was the brainchild of the Peace Corp volunteer movement who exhorted his countrymen, Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.

Two former PB-USA queens and the reigning queen were on hand as homecoming queens. They included Shenny Felix of Mangatarem, Kimberly De Leon of Basista and Nancy Buenviaje of Greater City.

Among the dignitaries present aside from keynote speaker Mark Pulido whose wife, the former Gloria Oriel Perlas is from Binalonan, were Carson Mayor Pro Tem Lito Santarina (whose wife Anita has roots from Lingayen) and Vice Consul John Reyes, himself, a Pangasinense from San Jacinto.

Dan E. Nno, who was introduced in a humorous fashion by his high school teacher and veteran broadcaster Eddie C. Ferrer as a frustrated musician, crooned and serenaded the beauty queens and the Ten Outstanding Entrepreneurs with a medley of Pangasinan and Ilocano love songs in waltz beat: O’ Naraniag Nga Bulan (Oh What A Radiant Moon), Dungdunguen (Lovinlgy), Naminsan Nga Malen (One Lovely Afternoon), No Siak So Mangaro (If I fall In Love) and Nalenak Lay Labi (The Evening Is Already Calm) . In nostalgic mood, the Pangasinensis waltz to their hearts’ content.

Contact Person:
Dan E. Nino
562-921-5116 (Home) *
562-508-8099 (Cell) *
949-440-4482 (Office)

Photos by Bobby Crisostomo
All Rights Reserved

Photos by Bobby Crisostomo
All Rights Reserved

Incoming PB-USA President Dan E. Nino with gavel (left) with outgoing PB-USA President Mely I. Cerame (center) after receiving her plaque of appreciation presented by the former and Board Chairman Tony Dator (right).


Outgoing PB-USA President Mely I. Cerame handing over the “gavel of leadership” to incoming President Dan E. Nino.


Dan E. Nino delivering his inaugural address.


The PB-USA officers with Vice Consul John Reyes (standing center).


A synchronized waltz routine from dancing partners Cecille Ranchez and Dan E. Nino.


Vice Consul John Reyes swears in the officers of PB-USA for 2010-2011.


The Ten Outstanding Pangasinan Entrepreneurs (TOPE) with their plaques from left: Virgil C. Aoanan, Ads E. Diaz, Eddie C. Ferrer, Ester F. Maramba, Bonnie P. Oamar, Lydia F. Roldan, Rico N. Galvan, Felix B. Lopez, Caesar S. Natividad and Eduardo B. Siapno.


A gathering of presidents of Pangasinan Brotherhood-USA past and present from left: Gil Mislang, Tony Barlongo, Bing Dela Vega, Dan E. Nino, Mely I. Cerame, Tony Banag and Ads Diaz. Not in photo are Ray Parayno, Mel Castelo, Rene Casaclang, Adolfo Dotimas, Fred Reyes and Ernesto Reyes (deceased).


Keynote Speaker ABC School Board Member Marc Pulido asks the Pangasinenses to be vanguards of political empowerment.


“Dancing with the stars of Pangasinan” participants.


All awardees Mariano Aoanan (Loyalty Award), Virgil C. Aoanan, Ads E. Diaz, Eddie C. Ferrer, Ester F. Maramba, Bonnie P. Oamar, Lydia F. Roldan, Imelda O. Palacpac on behalf of Roger L. Oriel (Special Award), Rico N. Galvan, Felix B. Lopez, Caesar S. Natividad and Eduardo B. Siapno. The others are Ten Outstanding Entrepreneurs of Pangasinan (TOPE).


PB-USA President Dan E. Nino with VIP guests from left: Carson City Mayor Pro Tem Lito Santarina, ABC School Board Member Mark Pulido and Vice Consul John Reyes.