Saturday, March 11, 2006

Trip Down to Tijuana

Trip to Tijuana
Charles Balmaceda and I made a trip down to Tijuana Mexico on Saturday March 11, 2006. Alfred couldn't make it so the trip was two for the road.
I've never been to Tijuana and so Charles was THE tour guide.

I wanted to check out the Landscaping shops down in Tijuana because Landscape supply stores in California charge an arm and a leg for potteries, hardscapes.

Where else did we go? We checked out a Kantina for lunch and ate three Carne Asada and Pollo Tacos for a dollar, a bottle of Coke for 50 cents. Not bad eh.

Next , we checked out Calle Revolucion,yes, by the large Arch.
Charles tells me its comparable to Session Road, a place
where lots of people stroll the street at night. Strolled by a handfull shops to buy some Sweat Shirt with Tijuana Mexico embossed design for souvenirs.

Where else? Well, the rest is off the records as Charles puts it.

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Up The Head

Up The Head
Its four in the morning, Kristen our youngest woke up crying. Gloria is not beside herat bed as she is accustomed to hugging her Mom.

To pacify Kristen and as I write this blog entry, my daughter chose to go, .... Up The Head, as she dozes back to sleep, leaning her small chin against my head and rubbing her small fingers against my cheek and ears as if trying to catch back her sleep.

Justin coined this term when he was, oh, three? I can't remember anymore.

Its my expression of affection to my Kids. Somewhat symbolic as Saint Christopher carrried the Infant Jesus across the dangerous stream to safety.

I have been accustomed to carrying all three of them at some point in their toddler years Up The Head, when I get home from work, when the kids need hugging because of sadness or pain, when we just want to play around.

In the mid to late ninetees , Justin can ride Up The Head whenever he wanted.In the early 2000s as Trevor got bigger, Justin suddenly found a competition,for riding Up The Head. Justin was also a bigger boy by now so I had to stop letting him ride Up The Head since it was starting to make my back hurt.

Lately, its been Trevor and Kristen who has been competiting for that coveted Up The Head ride.-Julius
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Sunday, March 05, 2006

RIM settles

BlackBerry Technology is my bread and butter.

RIM settles ....

Read more about this at the following URL:
Wall Street Journal Article: Getting the Message RIM to Pay NTP $612.5 Million To Settle BlackBerry Patent Suit by MARK HEINZL and AMOL SHARMA
March 4, 2006; Page A1

Phew ..., I got my fingers crossed there for a while.
No more engineering workarounds to avoid the
NTP Patents.

That could have been an engineering nightmare.

Life goes on. Thank you.


Bytegate Classroom Blog

Bytegate Classroom Blog, what a concept!That's a cool
starting Blog Kuya. I'm glad you thought of
creating yur own.

Alright, let's get this project started.
For starters, let's setup the Router and Switch
equipment, physical cabling, equipment placement
at your Computer Lab on Tuesday, March 7th night.

I won't be available Monday March 6th since
I have an appointment to meet with my neice Caroline
and buy some furnitures at Ikea.

Now, do you want to document the progress in
Bytegate Classroom Blog website as we
progress through the project?

See you Tuesday.


Saturday, March 04, 2006

Hooters Get-Together

Alfred Bajet, Charles Balmaceda and I had a Hooters bar-get tonight March 1st, 2006. I was nice to see Charles and Alfred after so long.

I last saw Alfred in 2004 during his daughter's Birthday Party. It was nice to keep up with him and nice to know that he and his family are doing okay.

Charles, I haven't seen him way back since High School. Yes, I haven't seen him in 25 years. We sure had a lot of things to catch up with. Man, he managed to remain slim and look younger than his age. That's amazing. Charles being a bachelor had a lot ofSingles escapades stories to share.

Of course Alfred , myself included being married men stayed along the conservative composure.

It was nice to recall all the funny moments we had during high school and giggled upon recalling all the foolishness we did back then.

We talked about planning to attend the mini-reunion in Las Vegas.

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Big Bear Sledding

Its my first Saturday without being obliged to be at Cisco Academy School.

I had to make-up for the lost time. I took Justin, Trevor, Kris, and Allen out for a day of sledding at Big Bear California.

They had a great time playing sledding, snow ball fights, making a snowman like kids should.

Click on he image to view more pictures.

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