Friday, November 01, 2013

You , myself and Iove, are like water and sunshine which makes plants grow

dear Coney,

You know, meeting you in person changed my expectations,
my goals in life, my aspirations.

A year ago, it used to be that my goal was to find a special woman
that I can share my life with. Someone whom I can trust and
confide my successes, failures, hopes, dreams, and frustrations.
In return, someone who can trust me as well.

When I met you, I knew I found that special someone that I was looking for.
Suddenly, my goal in life changed. Now, its not about finding someone special
because I now found you :-). Now, its about establishing a love relationship
and commitment with you. To earn your trust and confidence.

I know confidence and trust is something that takes time to grow and develop.

As we communicate daily, I pray to God that our Love will grow like a plant.
As plant grow with water, adequate sunlight, and nutrients; likewise, love will make
us grow in-love to each other.

A plant with droplets of water. A sign of life and growth.

I love you my dear.