Thursday, June 28, 2007

A Day at Disneyland 2007
-June 19, 2007, Julius

June 19, 2007

I spent the whole day at Disneyland theme park in Anaheim California
with my two sons Justin and Trevor; and with close friend Tessa
(hails from Chicago) and her three kids Bree, Natalie, and Noel; and
Lalaine from San Diego.

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It was a day filled with activities both for the grown-ups and kids alike.
The Summer heat was unforgiving but tolerable. After hours of walking around
my feet started to hurt and easily got exhausted.

I guess my friends call me MJ (for Manong Julius) for a reason.
My age is starting to show. I better spend more time at the gym to
improve my stamina and endurance.

Generally, I was happy to spend a day of quality with my sons Justin and Trevor
and also my friends Tessa and her kids, and Lalaine.


Feeding the Ducks
-June 20, 2007, Julius

June 20, 2007

Justin, Trevor, Bree, Natalie, and Noel spent a morning at a Park
in Cerritos California to feed the ducks, spend time on the
playground, and splash water around the water fountain.

At one point we didn't have any bread to feed the ducks
and Justin wanted me to drive off to a store and buy bread.
Instead, I resisted his idea and
opted to walk around the picnic areas to find any left
over breads or junk food.

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It was a lesson I tried to impart on Justin, that you simply needed
to adopt to a situation and still have fun.

Its amazing what a bunch of kids can
do to improvise and make themselves occupied and still have


Sunday, June 24, 2007

At the Beach with Manong Fidel and family 2007 -June 24, 2007

Delayed entry:
June 24, 2007

At the Beach with Manong Fidel and family 2007

Manong Fidel, Ate Marivic, Francis and Martin
recently visited San Diego. he drove down all the
way from Sacramento the night before.

I took the three kids together with Manong Fidel and family
to Torrey Pines State Beach one hot, sun searing afternoon
for a picnic.

At the Beach with Mng Fidel and family 2007 (1)

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We visited Grandma Sanay and Uncle Ariong in National City afterwards
to see how Grandma is doing lately. Incdentally, Cora and kids are in town
so we had did lots of catching up.


Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Thanks for the Memories
-20JUN2007, Julius

> you said:
>Teresa C: I finally got home  thanks 4 d memories

I'm glad you and the kids made it back home safe.
Thank you for the nice memories too. I can see it in the
way our kids played, that they sure had a good time as well.
A day @ Disney, Dinner @ Salo-Salo, feed the ducks in the park,
breakfast in Magic Wok. Thanks for it all.

I'll share my pictures in Flickr where nobody sees it,
its up to you gals to QC it and publish it at Multiply
or something.


Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Jumpstart Welcome @ Salo Salo Grille
-June 17, 007

The JumpStarters welcomed Tessa, and her kids Breeane, Natalie, and Noel to Southern California by means of a Dinner @ Salo Salo Grille in Cerritos California.
What a nice way to welcome Tessa and her kids by means of a hearty Filipino food dinner at Salo Salo Grille. Everybody including the kids enjoyed the good food, each other's company.

Apologies to Natz and Pearl for making them wait for a couple hours since Tessa, Lalaine and Julius drove to Los Angeles from San Diego. Thanks Natz for the dinner treat.

Jumpstarters: L-R: Julius (San Diego, CA); Tessa (Aurora, IL); Lalaine (San Diego, CA); Pearl (Torrance, CA); and Natz (Cypress, CA)

Jumpstart Group Get Together 2007 Dinner Salo Salo Grille (7)

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For us, it was the first time to meet Tessa in person. Previously, everybody converged on the Internet, Multiply, and Baguio Web International Yahoo Group to communicate, share and learn from each other's experiences.

Wished you were here Christine. Well, next time.

Welcome Tessa, Breeane, Natalie, and Noel.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Caroline's Graduation Ceremony 2007

Pardon for the delayed Blog entry:

May 21, 2007

Caroline Garcia's  Graduation Ceremony

Caroline proudly  wore the gown and toga
to attend the 2007 Commencement Ceremonies
at San Diego State University as a culmination
of her four years of trying to pursue a degree in
Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology.
Her Mom , Dad, Calvin, as well as several guest attended
the ceremony to support her in celebrating the event.

Afer the ceremony, everyone proceeded to a Thai Restaurant
in Mission Valley for a hearty dinner.

Congratulations Caroline. All the four years of dedicated
studies and hard work paid off.

Visit my online Photo album to view more pictures by clicking on the image:
   Carolines Graduation 2007 (22)


Justin and Trevor's 2007 Birthday

June 3, 2007

We celebrated Justin and Trevor's Birthday today June 3rd, 2007.
Justin's birthday is May 30h and Trevor's is June 3rd. Both
didn't mind celebrating their birthdays together.

Justin tagged my shirt and pulled me aside to express how happy
he is for my presence on their Birthday Celebration and said "Dad
this is THE happiest birthday celebration I have ever had.Thank you for the gifts and most of all your presence. I couldn't ask for more".

I replied, "Son, you know I'll do anything to make your birthday celebration,
and any occasion a happy one".

Then he ran along and entertained his playmate guest friends.

The Birthday Party had the usual elements of a typical Birthday celebration,
blowing the Birthday Cake candles,
striking the Pinata to get candy treats, opening of gifts.

I'll cherish these moments of my life. I have been told, enjoy these moments
now because they grow fast. Let's just say, I realized and figured that out
the hard way.

Lord God, I continue to count your blessings. Thank you.

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Justin_Trevor_Birthday_Party_2007_ (52)