Saturday, October 27, 2007

Saint Louis University Alumni Reunion 2007

October 20, 2007

Manang Christine, Kuya Chito and myself went to Las Vegas this weekend to be part of the Saint Louis University Alumni Reunion for 2007 at Orleans Hotel in Las Vegas Nevada USA. Manong Dan and Ate Myrna were present in the event as well.

My classmate Alfred Bajet and his wife Aida all attended the Night Dinner and Dance
Ball event.

Its nice to see several High School and College acquaintances after so many years. It was also nice to hear Bishop Cenzon (Bishop of the Dicoese of Baguio City-Benguet), and Mayor Bautista (current mayor of the City of Baguio) address the SLU alumnus.

The pictures were taken from the camera of my classmate Alfred Bajet.
Thanks Alfred for sharing these pictures.

Click on the photo below to see more of our reunion pictures:

Hope you enjoy the pictures.


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