Saturday, March 06, 2010

Xen Desktop 4 sneak peek

The main presentation
that I attended last Friday
at the New Horizons Sneak Peek
Event is a preview on the Xen Desktop 4.

Xen Desktop 4 Supports:
- Any Desktop (virtual or real), anytime, anywhere
- HDX user experience
- Flexcast Technology
- On Demand Applications

Basically Citrix sales people
did a demo of the usage and performance
of Xen Desktop 4 from a browser in the classroom
and explained its Architectire and

They were giving out arguments why
Xen Desktop 4 is better than their competition
VMWare View product running PCoIP protocol.

They've divided the type of information
being streamed to three parts:

- Desktop OS
- Apps
- User Profile

They're still using their proprietary
ICA protocol and claim that
it runs 90% less bandwidth
using HDX Technology.

HDX TEchnology
- leverage the processing power of the
endpoint device to render the multimedia content.

- Support real time collaboration: bi-directional
audio capabilities. Enables users to connect
audio peripherals: microphones at the endpoint device.

- Supports 3D

- Plug and play enables connectivity for USB,
multiple-monitor, printers, etc.

- best network performance using ICA protocol

- 90% less bandwidth using iCA protocol

Flexcast TEchnology
- Citrix's Solution to deliver any type
of Virtual Desktop or any Hardware
whether its a thin client,
a Desktop PC, a mobile device such as Iphone,
or a Laptop PC.

-This technology is actually not part of
Xen Desktop.

- Requires a license to utilize this, per seat or per user.

Xen Desktop 4 can deliver your Desktop for:
- Mobile users
- Guest (Kiosk)
- Office Worker
- Remote user
- Task user

On Demand Application

-Think Itunes store interface. Users are now
- Application virtualization that can be run
locally or hosted through a Data Center

- scalable

- Supports Open Architecture: Can run on any platform
using Hypervisor, any storage platform,
any endpoint device. Support Plug and Play
with Microsoft products.

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