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Minutes of Baguio City Association of San Diego County, Incorporated , May 22, 2010

Minutes of Baguio City Association of San Diego County, Incorporated (BCASDCI) General membership meeting held on May 22, 2010 at the Office of Rudy Liporada, National City California.

1. The meeting was called to order by BCASDCI President Lalaine Velasco at 2:30 P.M..

2. Members present during the meeting:
Lalaine Velasco
Fredz Madriaga
• Julius Sinlao
• Leah Mackee Stephenson
Pura Gordon
• Rudy Liporada
Auring Liporada.

3. Philippine Independence Faire
Discussion was made as to the preparations/participation of the BCASDCI in the Philippine Independence Faire 2010, May 29, 2010.
Manong Fredz mentioned that the BCASDCI Banner was lost/stolen during the last BCASDCI picnic at Rohr Park last September 2009
• Discussions were made on how to replace the Banner in time for the Philippine Independence Faire 2010.
BCASDCI was placed ahead of the Otay High School’s Panagbenga theme to highlight the annual Baguio City Festival.
• Discussion established that Julius Sinlao and Manong Fredz Madriaga will attend the Faire.

4. Donate Books Drive Project
Manong Fredz Madriaga brought up the proposed Book Drive. He stated that one to two Balikbayan boxes worth of Pre-school, Kindergarten, Grade school level books are being collected and will be donated to Elementary Schools in Baguio City or surrounding areas of Benguet.
• Two possible recipients of the Donate Books Drive Project have been identified. First recipient is the Children’s Outreach Program run by the Sacred Heart Community of Baguio City for children in Pasdong, Benguet. Second recipient will be the Buyagan Elementary School
Buyagan, La Trinidad Benguet though Jessica Angie Guieb.
• Shipping addresses for the recipients have already been identified.
• A fund drive for the Shipping costs will take place at a later time when the Books are ready to be shipped to Baguio/Benguet.

5. Firefighters Equipment Appreciation plaques
• Discussions were made on how to present the Firefighters Equipment Appreciation plaques.
• More discussions will be made next month on how to give these plaques to the intended parties.

6. Baguio City Association Annual picnic
• The BCASDCI picnic for this year has been planned for Sepetember 11, 2010 at Rohr Park, San Diego California.
• Gazebo # 3 or Gazebo # 4 (shade by a tree) will be reserved a month before the event.
• Picnic details will be finalized next month’s BCASDCI Meeting.
• We need to work hard to get people to attend the picnic on ?September.
Mackee will organize a band to play at the Park during the picnic.

7. Meeting finished and adjourned at 3:45 P.M.

Submitted by:
Julius Sinlao,
Vice President, BCASDCI

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