Monday, September 27, 2010

Dan and Myrna Niño Tour Europe September 2010

To all cousins/relatives,

We just returned from our Eurotrip last Wednesday afternoon (Sept. 22) after 16 hectic days of traveling.

We met cousins Vanessa and her family including her two cute and rambunctious girls and husband Nimmo (we stayed with them in fact) in Italy; Jocynel, (aka Oteng), husband Rafael and son , Liza Mas (daughter of auntie Luz) in Devon, England and her fiancé Rolly; Toochie in London, and Lani Ayento-Higginson and her two sons in Birmingham, England as well as my nephew Milbert Nino (London) and Myrna Nino-Sausse (Nice, France) on dad’s side.

I and Myrna had lots of fun visiting historical landmarks.

Go to:
or click on image below to see more of our pictures.

Dan Myrna Nino Tour Europe Sept2010_ (16)

I’d like to thank them profoundly for welcoming us into their homes and for touring us around.

I plan to write series of articles about this Eurotrip.
Talk to you soon!

God Bless,
Manong Dan

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