Saturday, October 26, 2013

A special Someone comes into my life ...

So many things have occurred in my life since I was last active in this Blog. That was well over a year ago. Life moves so fast, so many event in life have transpired and I've failed to take a moment to capture or mention things about them.

To me, capturing those moments its not just a way for me to tell the world what's on my mind, but also a way for me to come back to someday and recall that event in the past.

Since I'm more inspired about life, I'll become more active in this Blog again.

Well, let me share something special. In the month of mid-September to early October 2013, I went home to the Philippines for several reasons. But the most important reason for my vacation is to meet Coney Rolloque. Meeting her was a very special moment for me. Though only three weeks, every moment I spent with her was special. I cherished meeting such a loving woman, someone who made me complete. Finally.

For seven years, I've agonized about the notion that I was on my own. Not that I've left my kids, I was always there and continue to be there for them. I learned to be on my own, to take care of myself. Well, I've turned a corner in my life. From here on, I will no longer be alone. I have Coney in my life that I'll share my love and be loved. Someone that I'll share my agonies, my triumphs, my failures and victories in life.

I'm glad to have Coney into my life.


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