Monday, June 04, 2007

Justin and Trevor's 2007 Birthday

June 3, 2007

We celebrated Justin and Trevor's Birthday today June 3rd, 2007.
Justin's birthday is May 30h and Trevor's is June 3rd. Both
didn't mind celebrating their birthdays together.

Justin tagged my shirt and pulled me aside to express how happy
he is for my presence on their Birthday Celebration and said "Dad
this is THE happiest birthday celebration I have ever had.Thank you for the gifts and most of all your presence. I couldn't ask for more".

I replied, "Son, you know I'll do anything to make your birthday celebration,
and any occasion a happy one".

Then he ran along and entertained his playmate guest friends.

The Birthday Party had the usual elements of a typical Birthday celebration,
blowing the Birthday Cake candles,
striking the Pinata to get candy treats, opening of gifts.

I'll cherish these moments of my life. I have been told, enjoy these moments
now because they grow fast. Let's just say, I realized and figured that out
the hard way.

Lord God, I continue to count your blessings. Thank you.

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