Monday, January 07, 2008

Big Bear Sledding

January 6, 2008

I took my three kids Justin, Trevor and Kristen to Big Bear for an afternoon of sledding. Big Bear is a mountainous area in San Bernardino County here in Southern California.

A cold front hit Southern California this past weekend, and I
seized that opportunity to bring the kids to enjoy fresh snow fall and play sledding, build a snowman, or just goof around
have a snowball fight.

The place was really a winter wonderland. Its something I don't see regularly for us tiga-California and only ponder on this image of snow wonderland in Christmas Cards. Kaya feel na feel, he, he.

Big Bear is a good 132 mile drive north of San Diego so it was
a good two hour 20 minute drive.

Along the way to the sled slopes, somewhere along Freeway 30, a flashing warning sign read "Chains required in Mountainous areas".

I drove in snowy areas before, places like Lake Tahoe and Reno,
but five years of being in Southern California made me an ignoramus.
I just kept driving ignoring the warning sign.
Well lo and behold when we got to around 6500 feet above sea level, all the cars and trucks driving along the highway were pulling on the side of the road to put on their tire chains.

Well, duh! Had I been sensitive to the road warning sign I came across earlier, I wouldn't be in this predicament of not having tire chains to use to drive further up in elevation along the road.
So, I had to drive back down from the mountains to the nearest town , find a Walmart Store and buy tire chains. Moral of the story, heed warning road signs, he, he. Even life's filled with them warning signs, but that's another matter.

The kids had a great time sledding down the slopes, I must say.
They're kids at this stage of their life, and its important they
enjoy and live their childhood to the fullest di ba? I did while growing up in Baguio. Too bad snow doesn't exist in Baguio.

But, it was really cooold!! After one hour of being out in the
slopes, I had to buy four cups of hot chocolate to warm us up.
And another four cups of chocolate on our ride back home. Ang lamig talaga. After drinking the hot chocolate, all three kids dozed-off and went to sleep. They must have been tired from all the sledding activity that afternoon.

Click on the image below to see more pictures.



em-em said...

WOW! great place and family too.... priceless happiness especially from the kids

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