Thursday, January 10, 2008

fabulous Natural Cocunut Dessert product

Natural Coconut Dessert

(this is not an endorsement blog entry.I just wanted to share
the pleasure experienced while eating this product)

I got this natural cocunut dessert product
as a gift from a friend.

Its a product imported from Thailand.

I didn't really think much of it,
placed it in the freezer
upon arriving home and forgot about it.

The following day, I placed it in
my lunch box along with my main lunch entree
for my typcial workday lunch.

Well, this lunchtime while eating it (and
while writing this blog entry), I find delight eating
this dessert treat.

Filled with natural coconut juice, and young natural
cococnut meat, wow, it triggers memory of my
childhood days. While as a child, I loved to drink
the juice from a young coconut
and eat its meat, usually during summer vacations at
my parent's hometown in Pangasinan.

Perhaps you can try it as well and see what you think.


Product Name: Coco glace
description: Made from real coconut
Net wight: 7.75 ounces
Product Origin: Thailand

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