Thursday, June 19, 2008

Poem: You Are Gone by Justin Sinlao

I just wanted to share a poem written by my son Justin.
Justin wrote this poem as a tribute to his best friend McKinley.
McKinley lived in our neighborhood. They were so close to
each other like brothers, but then one day,
for some personal reason McKinley had to leave the
the neighborhood without a trace.


You Are Gone
by Justin K. Sinlao

The flowers are blooming
And winter is gone
Summer has come
But you are gone

I wish you were here
I miss you so much
I think about you no matter what
Weather in my dreams
Or in my thought

I think about you
And how I miss you so much.


Anonymous said...

I share the same loss from time to time. This should give you a lesson in life to tell somebody how important or how much we love them as a freind or otherwise.
Share your blogs to your friend or email address, so they will be able to contact you if they leave or go on vacation. That is what people do now.
You'll find somebody else as a friend. You know what to do next time at the right moment.

Capt RC

Anonymous said...

That was a sad poem
i hope your son Justin feels
better about it.