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Mom's Life Story

by Julius Sinlao

On September 19,1927, Mom was born in Mangatarem Pangasinan.
Mom was born to parents Francisco Estabillo from Quetegan,
Mangatarem Pangasinan and Cornelia Ramos from Poblacion, Mangatarem Pangasinan.

She was the fourth child of eight siblings.
Grandpa Francisco realized the importance of education
and made sure that the Estabillo siblings attended school
and finish College.

Mom went on to pursue Bachelor of Science degree in Education,
major in Home Economics at University of Pangasinan in Dagupan City Philippines.
She then went on to pursue a career as an
Elementary School Teacher. She was the epitome of a Career
Woman/ Working Mother that is typical of today's modern woman.

One of her first assignments as a Public School Teacher
was in the Barangay of Dalangiring in San Carlos Pangasinan.
It was there that Mom met Dad whose Barrio was just nearby.
It was while being a teacher in Dalangiring that Dad courted Mom.
My Dad, Julian Sinlao, also happened to be serving as a Sailor in the United States Navy.

Although Dad was stationed overseas while serving
as a Sailor in the US Navy, he was brave enough to try for Mom's heart,
and gathered enough courage to communicate with her
through love letters every week.

Mom could not resist the charm and beauty of Dad's amorous and charming
love letters. After all, Mom was the source of Dad's inspiration.

Back in those days, asking for marriage meant Dad's parents had
to go through Mom's parent's permission for Marriage.
And so all protocols were satisfied and in April 11, 1955,
Mom and Dad got married at Saint Raymund's
Church in Mangatarem, Pangasinan. This day was the start of
fifty five years of unwavering faithfulness and commitment through marriage.

One of the places that Dad was stationed to was Guam.
There, Mom and Dad welcomed their first and only
daughter: Christine. After having their first born, three boys
followed: Fidel, Eugene, and Julius.

In 1962, Mom and Dad built a house in Baguio where they raised their four children.
While Dad continued to be stationed abroad in the US Navy, Mom
was the unwavering source of Dad's support and strength, courage in raising their family.

Mom instilled in her children the love of God, to serve Him, she developed a
love God at home. She taught that being fair towards others was a virtue.
She always love, compassion for one's neighbors.

She continued to pursue her career as a School Teacher
while raising four children. She then became an Elementary School Teacher
at Irisan, a Barangay of Benguet Province. She then transferred to Lucban Elementary School in Baguio City where she taught Home Economics and became the School's Nutritionist until her retirement.

Mom was also active in her local Parish at Don Bosco Parish in Trancoville Baguio City. She was part of the Catholic Womens League, being active in spreading the Catholic faith to others.

Mom had an ardent love for God, the Blessed Mother.
At home, a love for the Blessed Mother and her message was
revered. It was not unusual for her to gather all four kids,
make them kneel before the image of the Blessed Mother and The Holy Family
and pray the Holy Rosary every Saturday night.

This love of God set the theme and orientation of the family for years to come.

After years of hard work, Mom retired in 1985 from her career as a School Teacher.
It was then that she developed hip bone problems from years of prolonged standing
during her work as a Teacher. She undergone hip bone replacement but started having mobility problems from then on.

One of Mom's influences was her way of cooking. She believed that
it doesn't require expensive ingredients to make flavorful food and dishes at home.
She was so conscious about healthy eating habits, avoiding unhealthy foods
such as Soft Drink beverages, carcinogenic foods such as Longanisa.

God played a crucial part throughout Mom and Dad's life. It was common to see Mom and
Dad pray daily together. Both of them shared a common passion which is the love for God, and share a life of prayer. Both shared an devoted life of praying the Holy Rosary and Divine Mercy together.

Mom believed in honesty, simplicity in life,gentleness, morality.

Our families loves you so much Mom. You will be missed.

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Generosa Estabillo Sinlao
September 19,1927 - December 22, 2010

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