Monday, December 27, 2010

A Thank You letter to Mom

A Thank You letter to Mom
by Marivic Sinlao

They say we all come into this world with nothing...
but we had a remarkable Mom who fed and led us,
provided and prayed for us, loved and encouraged us,
She sacrificed her needs , gave us happiness,
acceptance, and self-worth ...

So really, we came in this world with everything.
Mommy, thank you for loving and helping us.
We discover the blessings that come from the one who loves us all, GOD.
Your kindness, devotion, humility , being soft-spoken, simplicity, and
your countless act of love… all these gave us our first
gentle glimpse of God!

Know how grateful we are, for the way you had raised us,
for teaching the value of integrity and work.

We are proud of how much you have accomplished
not just being a mother... You had been a wife, a sister, a daughter and a friend.

You are someone who was talented, hardworking, compassionate,
religious and yet stayed being so simple.

Thank you Mom from all of us. We love you dearly,
we will surely miss you!

Our hugs and kisses to Dad. Tell him, your mission
here on earth were both exceptionally accomplished!

We salute you both! We will treasure your legacy forever!

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