Saturday, June 04, 2011

Justin and Trevor's Birthday Camping

We went Camping at Agua Caliente Hot Springs Campground
for the Memorial Weekend to celebrate Justin and Trevor's Birthday.
Agua Caliente Campground is about 20 minutes drive East of the town of Julian, here in San Diego California.

We brought along Tyler, his Mom, and brother, Cong, Casius, Marcello to the Camping trip. Kristen wasn't able to come join us for the Camping trip.

The kids enjoyed the trip pretty much. Its a testosterone filled
adventure I suppose. We went hiking through steep rocks, they played Tomahawk Ax throwing. In a sense i'm glad Kristen didn't come along. It was hot-warm during the daytime but really cold and windy at night.

Mind you, these kids had a good appetite to match their active physical activity. I had to deliver on their diet needs. Tyler's Mom helped with the cooking so that was a big help.

Its the first time I hosted a camping and cater to seven teenagers with good appetites.

Among the dishes I cooked in Camp were Chicken Fajitas, New York Steak with mashed potatoes and gravy, grilled corn, charcoal grilled burgers, Pancakes with bacon-sausage-potato omelet.

Before we left Camp, Justin gave me a hug and expressed his thanks
for hosting a memorable Camping for him and Trevor.

Its my pleasure to deliver and I'm glad Justin and Trevor had a good time.

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