Sunday, February 12, 2006

Kuya Chito's 50 year Birthday Celebration

I spent Feb. 12, 2006 all day with my son Justin and Trevor at Kuya Chito's 50th birthday. I brought Justin to his Catechism session just like every Sunday. After Justin's Catechism session, we drove to Simon's Banquet Center in San Pedro, California.

My cousin Dan Nino, coordinated and emceed the lunch and afternoon event.

A lunch of Salad, Steak, and Baked Salmon was a welcome lunch for us. There were lots of guests, lots of relatives, friends from Kuya Chito and Ate Christine's side came to the occassion.

After lunch came the toast of Champagne for the celebrant. Several friends also gave a toast to the celebrant. There was even a slide show of Kuya Chito's pictures through the years.

As the afternoon paassed, the dance floor was opened to all the guests. The guests were treated to live music by Alex Lagman , Carina Afable & Co. Band.

I would say the afternoon was a refreshing break from the daily stresses of life.

-Julius Sinlao

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