Saturday, February 18, 2006

My Cisco Finals

Its February 17, 2006 and I'm winding down this
Cisco Academy course I attended which lasted for a
year. I attended all day classes every Saturdays
for a whole straight year!

The Cisco Academy course demanded a lot of
to satisfactorily complete the program. Numerous Case
Studies, Four Final exams, bunch of Hands-On
Scenario exams, just to get this piece of Certificate.

Yes that's a whole lot of Saturdays that I could have
spent with my family. Time spent spent with Gloria and
the three kids.

I promise, after this course, no more weekend courses!

Although, it is inherent that Information Technology
Industry Professionals must 'keep up' with the fast
changing technologies to be competitive in this kind
of profession or else risk getting that pink slip when
its time for lay-offs.

That means studying and keeping your IT Certification

Of course Experience is also a vital element in the
mix of things that make a person marketable.

After this course what's next ?

Hmmm... I enrolled in an Online Microsoft Server 2003
class since I work in a Windows platform house.
I'll let you know how this next class is going.

I'll post my experiences in my next Blog.


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