Monday, February 13, 2006

My future book by Justin

hi everyone its me Justin,

I'm still writing this story below but its
not quite finished yet.
What do think about my story so far? You think I can be a future Tom Clancy, hi, hi?

One day at a military base in LA. Sergeant Daniel, second in commend zack, first in commend chase, and General Cody where assigned to find  a federal military documents.
The mission started in April 4, 2010 and lasted for 2 years.
It all started in the Lz also known as the landing zone. It was summer when they landed. There was no one in sight so they made a circle and pushed through the forest. When they saw enemies they opened fire, hoped for the best end kept moving. Then when they reached there target they called air strike, to take out Warheads, Jets, Tanks,AAguns, infantry and more. When they finished bombing, they went inside took the documents end left ... 

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