Saturday, March 11, 2006

Up The Head

Up The Head
Its four in the morning, Kristen our youngest woke up crying. Gloria is not beside herat bed as she is accustomed to hugging her Mom.

To pacify Kristen and as I write this blog entry, my daughter chose to go, .... Up The Head, as she dozes back to sleep, leaning her small chin against my head and rubbing her small fingers against my cheek and ears as if trying to catch back her sleep.

Justin coined this term when he was, oh, three? I can't remember anymore.

Its my expression of affection to my Kids. Somewhat symbolic as Saint Christopher carrried the Infant Jesus across the dangerous stream to safety.

I have been accustomed to carrying all three of them at some point in their toddler years Up The Head, when I get home from work, when the kids need hugging because of sadness or pain, when we just want to play around.

In the mid to late ninetees , Justin can ride Up The Head whenever he wanted.In the early 2000s as Trevor got bigger, Justin suddenly found a competition,for riding Up The Head. Justin was also a bigger boy by now so I had to stop letting him ride Up The Head since it was starting to make my back hurt.

Lately, its been Trevor and Kristen who has been competiting for that coveted Up The Head ride.-Julius
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