Saturday, March 11, 2006

Trip Down to Tijuana

Trip to Tijuana
Charles Balmaceda and I made a trip down to Tijuana Mexico on Saturday March 11, 2006. Alfred couldn't make it so the trip was two for the road.
I've never been to Tijuana and so Charles was THE tour guide.

I wanted to check out the Landscaping shops down in Tijuana because Landscape supply stores in California charge an arm and a leg for potteries, hardscapes.

Where else did we go? We checked out a Kantina for lunch and ate three Carne Asada and Pollo Tacos for a dollar, a bottle of Coke for 50 cents. Not bad eh.

Next , we checked out Calle Revolucion,yes, by the large Arch.
Charles tells me its comparable to Session Road, a place
where lots of people stroll the street at night. Strolled by a handfull shops to buy some Sweat Shirt with Tijuana Mexico embossed design for souvenirs.

Where else? Well, the rest is off the records as Charles puts it.

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