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Summer 2006 Camping I

August 5, 2006

Post: Summer 2006 Camping I
I decided to take the kids out for camping this August 5th and 6th weekend. I might as well do it since Justin is on vacation, and Trevor’s not going to school yet. It’s a good first time experience with the kids (Justin, Trevor and Kristen) and Allen de Leon (Gloria’s nephew). I made camping reservations in the past, twice as a matter of fact, but every time, it was cancelled for one reason or the other. Well, this time I made sure not pass this opportunity to bond with kids. As the saying goes: Life is too short, live life to the fullest.

Actually, this is a dry run camping. Me and the the kids learned a lot from this overnight camping for the actual Camping two weeks from now. The real camping will be at William Heise Campground on August 25, and 26th here in San Diego California. Unfortunately, Charles won’t be able to come along on these dates, but that’s okay, I’m sure there will be other upcoming Hiking/Backpacking opportunities down the road.
I don’t own a Recreational Vehicle (RV) or something, just a Tent, a couple sleeping bags, cooking utensils. I designated the task of planning the food, supplies list, things-to-do to Justin. Actually, he was more excited about the weekend activity knowing what supplies are needed, what activities need to be done. I haven’t seen him as excited as this event in a while.
Charles Balmaceda, my High School classmate was gracious enough to come along. He haven’t done camping in a while and so this is good refresher for him.
He brought Sirloin Steak for the event and cooked it during lunch over a Charcoal grille. Man! Talk about a juicy, delicious steak. His marinate recipe is provided below. As shown in the pictures, Justin enjoyed giving a hand with the Barbecue task. I don’t know, no matter how sleek looking the various Gas Grilles sold in the market, I think nothing beats the taste of charcoal grilled meat or fish. Its okay to indulge in red meat as long as its not a regular daily habit isn’t it?
It was a good time for me to share the experiences Charles. Thanks Charles. I took advantage of the fact that he is still in the Military. My request for him to rent a Lantern, a camping stove, and a handful more sleeping bags from MWR* was a money saver.
High School Batchmates in the Southern California: Alfred Bajet, Sam Valencerina, Erik Paragas; Manny (when you’re done with you sea duty and back to Home Port); all the batchmates I haven’t mentioned; my childhood friend Fred Agreagado; Dominador Fabros; close relatives; lets plan a camping trip one of these months, a hyear from now whatever, just drop me a line.
Summer 2006 Camping II will be in a couple weeks. We’re looking forward to it.

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Charles Balmaceda’s Sirloin Steak
-Sirloin Steak** - 7 pounds
- 4 cups of Oyster Sauce
-Calamansi Citrus
- Garlic
- Brown Sugar to taste
- Salt and Pepper
- Soy Sauce

Cooking Procedure:
1. Mix the marinate:
2. Peel, and roughly crush the garlic.
3. In a bowl, mix Oyster Sauce, Soy Sauce, and garlic.
4. Add brown sugar to taste to achieve a slightly sweet marinate mixture

5. Lay Sirloin steak in a flat Pyrex Pan. Do not stack the pieces
of steak on top of each other.

6. Pour the marinate over the pieces of steak and make sure they
are submerged in the Marinate mixture.

7. Cover the pyrex pan with cling film/plastic food wrap and seal it.

8. Put the sirloin steak soaked in marinate mixture in the refrigerator
for several hours to overnight if possible.

9. Lay several pieces of charcoal in the charcoal grille and prepare it for grilling.

10. Open your palm and orient it facing down to make sure the charcoal grille is hot.

11. Use a tong to lay the marinated pieces of Sirloin Steak on the grille.

12. Baste the steak with the marinate mixture and flip over often until cooked.

13. Cook the pieces of steak according to your preference: rear, medium or well done.

*MWR- Morale Welfare and Recreation – The US Military’s leisure, entertainment support organization.

** Sirloin Steak – Part of beef lying between the round and short loin, this section contains lean, tender meat. Posted by Picasa

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