Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Summer Camping III

I took Justin, Trevor, and Kristen out for Summer Camping part III last August 26th and 27th, 2006.The camping site is William Heise County Campground located near a town called Julian still within San Diego County in California. The setting is about 4500 ft above sea level.
70% of this Park was devastated from the 2003 Cedar and Scripps Ranch fires and the cars of the fires are still evident. Slowly, the natural growth is slowly recovering.We were lucky enough to get a group camping site. A pretty spacious campsite with no camp neighbors to bother.Justin, Trevor, and Kristen, as well as my co-worker Dan's daughters Vanessa and Desiree had fun playing at the campsite for two days: build their make believe Fort and enjoy a couple of kiddies nature trail. Of course they got to enjoy classic camp must-haves such as toasting marshmallows and make SMORES.
I get to experiment with my Shrimp and Sirloin Kabobs. Shrimp and Sirloin Kabobs Recipe is provided below.First day, we hiked the Cedar Trail which is about 2 miles. At .5 miles, I experienced cramps on both legs. The cramps could have been from not warming up before the hike. It subsided after a while. Luckily I had a tube of Ben Gay ointment in my first aid kit which I applied on both leg. That relieved a lot of the muscle pain.Second day, we hiked Canyon Oak trail which is about 1.5 miles. The kids loved it and the finished it in no time. At one point, Trevor veered off from the trail and bees started attacking his head. Instinctively he ran, screamed and the bees eventually left him alone.

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- Marinated Sirloin Steak slices in cooler shown in figure.

Shrimp and Sirloin Kabobs
- 1.5 pounds Sirloin Steak
- 1.5 pounds Shrimps, skinned and de-veined
- 2 cups Vegetable Oil or enough oil to immerse the sliced steak
- Salt and crushed Pepper
- Lemon Citrus Fruit
- Calamansi Citrus Fruit
- Red and Yellow Bell Peppers
- 2 cups vegetable Oil
- Cloves of Garlic
- Italian Spices : Oregano, ground coriander mix
- Onion bulb- Zucchini SquashMaterials:
- Large Zip Lock bag
- Cooler with crushed Ice
- Bamboo skewers
- One bag of Charcoal
- Charcoal Grille
- Basting brush
- Lighter

Cooking Procedure:
1. Slice the Sirloin Steak in 1.5 inch squares.
2. Pour the vegetable oil in a large Ziplock bag.

3. Squeeze the juice of both Lemon and Calamansi citrus into the Ziplock bag.

4. Add the Italian spices mix. Crush garlic with a mallet and add to mixture.

5. Add Salt and Pepper.

6. Put the sliced Sirloin Steak in the Oil/Citrus juice mixture.

7. Seal the Zip Lock bag with your fingers and allow for three to four hours of marinate time by dunking the sealed Zip Lock bag in a Cooler filled with crushed ice.

8. Prepare the Charcoal Grille. Ensure that charcoals are glowing red and no flame is evident.

9. Peel Onion, and slice in quarter wedges Slice the Zucchini in 2 inch wedges Slice the bell peppers is square wedges

10.Prepare the Shrimp and Sirloin Kabobs by alternating Sirloin slices, the various vegetables, and Shrimp.

11. Do not throw the left over marinate juice. This will be used to baste the Kabobs later.

12. Lay several Kabobs on the Charcoal Grille.

13. Baste each side of the kabobs with the marinate juice left over. Turn over the kabob using a tong taking care not to burn it.

14. Serve Kabob over rice while still warm. Posted by Picasa

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