Saturday, October 21, 2006

Nocturnal Long Drive

October 20, 2006

I had to make a long drive to Sacramento to
take care of matters that have been on my
to-do list for a long time. I had to fix and
maintain the house to get it rented as soon
as possible.

Anyway, after a long day at work, I had to
rush and pick up Justin and Trevor at
After-School ESS Care. We bought In-and-Out
Burgers to take care of dinner, picked up
Kristen from my Kristeen's home then
off we left San Diego for Sacramento.

In the past, I travelled with the three kids
to Sacramento with no problems. My secret is
I travelled at night so they are asleep during the trip.
Usually, the kids doze to sleep around 9 PM.

But tonight, Kristen for some reason won't sleep,
and wanted Dad's attention and kept saying:
"Dad, I want you" until midnight.

Luckily, I travelled with my eldest and only sister,
Manang Christine. She was kind enough to rent a
Mini-Van, and that saved a lot of time. She drove
the van at 65 miles/hr from Riverside to somewhere
in Los Angeles. She even missed her I-10 Westbound
exit which got me irrate.

I took over the steering wheel until Bakersfield so we
can make good travelling time. She says the Grapevine scares
her to death because She has fear of heights. I told her
then you can't drive lake Tahoe then 'coz there's a lot of ditches and cliffs
off Highway 50.

I had a tough time doing the long drive tonight considering that
I worked the previous day and went right into doing a long drive
tonight. I used bottled water to splash cold water on my face
and put the fan on blast just to keep awake. By the time we got to
Sacramento, I finished a bottled water.

We arrived in Sacramento around 5:10 AM, covered 375 miles
in 8 hours 10 minutes, one gas stop , and 2 rest area stop overs.
No bad eh....

Check these pictures out:

Justin, trevor and KC asleep during the trip Posted by Picasa

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