Sunday, October 15, 2006

A day at the Air Show with the two boys

October 14, 2006

Miramar Air Show 2006

I took Justin and Trevor to the Miramar Air
Show, Miramar Marine Corps Air Station,
at (you guessed it right) Miramar California.

I promised Justin that I'll take them to the
show and this Saturday morning both boys
were excited to attend the show.

The day started out gloomyand rainy but the
weather got better as the day drew on.

Both boys like playing with toy soldiers, fighter jets
models, draw battle scenes. Not that I encourage them,
its what they chose to play and I respect that.
Finally it is time to see the real 'stuff 'by going to
the Air Show.

The two boys were delighted to watch the display of air acrobat,
pyrotechnics, Jet aircraft maneuvers, tactical attack exhibits.

Various groups performed during the show:

THE PATRIOTS TEAM did an aerial exhibit of performance.

An AV-8B 'HARRIER' jet take off vertically like a helicopter,
then zoom off like a normal jet.

An V-22 Osprey Aircraft which is a medium lift, vertical takeoff aircraft,
with its two large rotors take off can take off like a normal jet.
It plans to replace the Marine Corps' aging fleet of CH-46E helicopters.

The U.S. Navy's BLUE ANGELS performed their amazing show on flight.
The Blue Angels showed their amazing skilled performance and aerial
maneuver using their F-18 Hornet Jet aircraft. It was an wonderful time
to spend the day with the two boys, that I shall cherish.

Alas, Murphy's Law got the better of me. By the time the Blue Angels turn to perform
was up, my camera's battery failed so I couldn't take any pictures.

I count my blessings though. Thank you Lord for a wonderful day with kids.

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