Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Death Valley Park Camping

I brought the kids to Death Valley National Park, California
this Easter weekend (April 3rd and 4th, 2010).
Its a nice way to welcome the birth of Spring and enjoy
the great desert before the searing Summer Heat burns the place.
Wild flowers abound through out the desert.

Death Valley got its name from lost 49er Pioneers who crossed the desert looking for a short route heading West
but almost died crossing the foreboding terrain. Only one pioneer died out of the ordeal.

I didn't really calculate the distance of this place relative to San Diego.
All I knew was, the site is located somewhere and near Mojave Desert
and the City of Barstow. So I fuigured it should be a drive somewhere 4 to 4.5 hrs.
Boy was I wrong.

The drive was a good 6.5 hrs long, not to mention the time spent getting lost
in the dark since I travelled at night to take advantage of the kids being asleep.
The travel was, as if I drove from San Diego to Las Vegas.

Anyway, its a nice time of the year to visit the desert and appreciate the blooming
wild flowers; hike / play in the sand dunes. Temperatures are still tolerable.
A summer sleeping is all what's needed for a good night's sleep.

I'll share Camping dishes I cooked this time around in a separate blog entry.

Here are some of our pictures.
I hope you like them.
Click on the link:

or the image below.

Come on, go out for a Camping trip, smell the fresh air :-),
to enjoy the outdoors when the weather
permits in your part of the country.


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