Sunday, September 03, 2006

SLU Alumni Reunion Sama Sama na Naman Sa Sayawan 2006

September 2, 2006.

Saint Louis Alumnus from all over, got together at Simon's Waterfront Banquet at San Pedro, California on September 2, 2006.

Alumnus from far away places such as Australia, Detroit, New Jersey, Nevada and of course California celebrated the night filled with Music, Dancing, and games.

Several prices were awarded to various Alumni partipicipants throughout the night. The Maui Girls gave the attendants a treat of various forms of Polysnesian dances such as Hawaiian, Tongan, New Zealand, Samoan themes.

View some of the festivites pictures by going to my Online Photo Album site:http://w

Of interest during the reunion, I met Pearl Asiatico Bada (SLU Girls High Batch 81); Natalie Navarro (SLU Girls High Batch 81); Eric Igama (SLU ECE Engineering class 1989); Sheila Mayadol (SLU Girls High Batch 85).

Its funny to note that Pearl and Natalie were seated on the outside balcony table overlooking the San Pedro harbor and observing the Reunion festivities inside the Dancing Floor fom an outside vantage point.

At one point, I think they felt bored and were deciding to leave after an hour. Somehow Pearl, Natalie, myself, Sheila, and Eric decided to start an Eighties reminiscing session.

We had a blast, giggled and laughed at the stories we could come up with, and before Pearl and Natialie, realized it, decided to stay put to enjoy our stories session. I think the participants inside the dancing hall at one point were distracted by the loud laughter we were generating outside.

Its good to see fellow Louisians come together and celebrate the night away.
We sang the Saint Louis Hymn after the night's festivities.

Why don't you sing along? I am sure you sang this song at a Monday morning Flag Ceremny
if you attended Elementary or High School at a Saint Louis School.

Saint Louis Hymn

Let's all sing a song, gay and cheerful,
Bursting forth from our young and joyous hearts,
For our life is so bright
For we study right,
We choose a smile for our part.

Here we are students of St. Louis
That is why we are so proud,
We'll always stand in defense for it
For it makes us brave and fit.

Training our body and mind,
That in this school we find,
Bright future smiles on us,
Let's be ready thus.

We'll deserve well of our land,
Go ever hand and hand
For God's and country's sake,
This is the pledge we make. Posted by Picasa

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paul posadas said...

hey julius!
you've got an awesome blog here. your tale of the reunion is just like it was. interesting, i did meet the same women on that table, and come to find out one of them is a relative of a family friend. who wouldn't be surprise, baguio is a small town.
i've yet to read much of your other entries on your blog. thanks for sharing. regards to your folks.