Saturday, September 30, 2006

Baguio Association Potluck Picnic 2006

Baguio Potluck Picnic
September 30, 2006

There's something about
Baguio City that draws my
affinity to her despite not
living in the city for
twenty years.

The Baguio City Association of
San Diego held a Potluck Picnicat
Rohr Park, in the City of Bonita
(about 8 miles South East of San Diego,
California) last Sunday September 30, 2006
from 10 AM to 4 PM. This time I decided
to join the picnic out of a desire to
reconnect with former Baguio residents.

This is the second time I attended a Baguio City Association of
San Diego function meeting so people in the group were not
familiar to me. Various Officers such as the President, Vice
President, Secretary, etc.. were elected during the picnic.

I am acquainted with Manang Lillian Ares. She is the outgoing
organization presidentafter fours years of service. I also had
the chance to meet Manong Rudy Liporada the President elect
who will replace Manang Lillian in a few months.
Manong Rudy also happens to be an active member of
Baguio Web International Yahoo Group.

Natalie Navarro (also an active member of Baguio Web
International Yahoo Group) drove all the way down
to San Diego from Cypress with friend Sheila Calado
to meet Baguio City Association of San Diego members.

A sumptous Variety of Filipino dishes were available
for to everyone to enjoy.Ngem, nalipatan samet dyay
inapoy, ta awan ti naka-serve. Various door prices were
given to picnic participants.

I'm impressed with the Baguio City Association of
San Diego group. I will give my best to support its
activites for the coming months specially to draw
the younger generations (Baby Boomers and X, Y Generations)
so that the group will survive for the years to come.

More power to you Manong Rudy.

Please view some of the Picnic pictures:

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paul said...

it its nice that you've posted this. i believe i attended the 'first' baguio asso. potluck in 2002 at around this time in san diego. we got invited by manang lillian. i haven't seen rudy liporada in 5 years, i think i should pay him a courtesy call. it is nice to know he is active and elected pres. in that group. regards to manang lillian.
take care.