Sunday, November 05, 2006

Autumn Camping with Justin

November 3, 2006

This weekend November 4th and 5th is the best
quality time I have ever spent with Justin
alone, having spent the whole weekend
with him during his Boys Scout camping.

Talk about communicating, playing, interacting,
fishing with my son Justin.

We joined the Webelos Annual Webelos Camping
2006 at Camp Mataguay, Santa Ysabel California.

Santa YSabel is located along Highway 79, and
still part of San Diego County in Califiornia.

We arrived at the Camp Mataguay at 11:00 PM
Friday night since I still had to work the Friday
before heading out to the camp.

Justin got tired from being in school all day Friday
so I was left without a driving navigator. I discovered
that a Mapquest driving directions printout, my car's
Odometer and Odometer reset button is my best
friend when driving on dark, desolate and remote
country roads such as the roads leading to Camp
Mataguay. Forget about relying on road signs
because during dark nights such as this,
the road becomes so dark that road signs are
hardly seen.

We didn't get lost and the directions lead us
to our destination accurately the first try.
Finding your Cub Scout den's campsite
in such a big Campground though is a
different story that Mapquest can't be much
a help.

A Camp Reigistration worker gave me a map
that was hard to follow not because the map
was sketchy but because finding landmarks
at night is next to impossible. It also didn't
help that the the different Cub Scout dens
didn't identify their campsite with their
den't pack number. I got to stop my whining though.
I can't complain, 'coz we had fun and the whole
weekend was great. What more can I ask.

Saturday was filled with activities for
Justin and the Cub Scount pack that he was
a part of from fire making to familiarity with knots,
to potatoe gun shooting, tug-o-war, Bungee Cord
Canon, Monkey Bridge crossing.

Oh yes, we had a Tug-O-war match, the Dads (six of us vs. our
Cub Scouts Sons, there were twelve of them, plus one Boys Scout who
helped out. Man! I can't believe we still lost!! )

I became an improtmptu Camp Chef. I cooked California Grilled Cheese
(a concoction of Avocado, Moterrey Jack cheese, Chipotle peppers)
for lunch, Lemon Garlic Shrimp for dinner, and French Toast for breakfast.
I shared the food with the rest of the parents and kids in Camp.
Fellow campers loved it so much they suggested I be the official Camp Chef
next time around, LOL.

Finally, the day was concluded with an evening
program called The Campfire where different Boys Scout
Troops presented their group's skits.

Check out some of our Campsite pictures:

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Marcia said...

Dear Julius,

I enjoyed reading about your weekend adventures. Justin is very fortunate to have a conscientious Dad like you! Your menu as an impromptu chef sounds very Californian. :-) Wish I'd been there to sample them.