Thursday, November 09, 2006

Meditation and Prayer along the Bay

Meditation and Prayer along the Bay

Having worked till 3 AM the night before,
I had the luxury of working a half work day.
I took this opportunity to spend an afternoon
at San Diego Bay for an afternoon of
prayer and meditation.

It is a nice autumn day, the blue sky above,
temperature in the mid seventies, a fairly quiet afternoon,
the afternoon sun shining on my face,
occasionally a Pelican bird flies low along the bay to hunt for fish,
the San Diego city skyline on the left of my view,
the Coronado bridge crossing over to Coronado Island
to the far left, the USS Lincoln Aircraft Carrier resting
peacefully in its home port
and the San Diego bay in front of me.

I sat on a bench, made the sign of the cross,
closed my eyes, took a deep breath
and just took the time to be in the presence of God.
Quietly, I meditated and tried to listen to what might God
convey to me this afternoon.

I prayed the Rosary, the Act of Contrition and allowed the
calm afternoon, the presence of God penetrate and
instill peace in my heart.

After an hour and fifteen minutes, it was time to
return to hustle and bustle rat race
of everyday life. Right away walking to my car,
I could feel the calmness and peace
of God enveloping my heart.

Here's my impromptu prayer:

O God please heal my heart for it is filled of
anguish, resentment, sorrow.

I lift up to you my burden, for you said
"Come to me all you weary, and I will give you rest".
You carried your cross and showed that we should
carry each other's burden.
Teach me to do the same, to help lift my
neighbor's burdens in life as well.
Heal and give peace in my soul O Lord,
as I try and learn to carry on my life.
Bless our children whom
we carry along our journey in life.


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