Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Baguio City Association , San Diego Meeting November 2006

November 18, 2006

I was privileged for being invited to attend the
officer's meeting of the Baguio City Association of
San Diego (BCASD) here in (where else) San Diego California.

What an interesting mix of officers and
supporting members.

From the meeting's discussions, it has been
brought up (which I found interesting) that the
Baguio City Association of San Diego is among a
few, if not the only organization dedicated to
former Baguio residents here in the United
States. Other Baguio City organizations such as
a San Francisco chapter have since folded up.

Anyway, Lillian Ares (also a fellow Louisian)
presided the meeting and commanded
everyone's attention. Lillian is the outgoing President of the
Association who served for two successive
terms , for a total of four years.

Other members such as Rudy Liporada (elected and incoming president),
Hermie Sarmiento (elected and incoming vice-president),
Rico Bona, Lalaine Velasco-Uvero, Vina Phelps,
Natalie Navarro , Ric Reclosado, Rico Bona, Fred Madriaga, John Culhi,
and a lot more members present (I apologize if I didn't
mention your names).

The meeting was help at Vina Phelps' residence.


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