Friday, November 17, 2006

Picnic and Fishing by the Pier

November 11,2006

I took Justin, Trevor, and Kristen to an
afternoonof picnic and fishing at Shelter Island,
San Diego CA.

It was a perfect day to be out, the sun is
shining,clear blue sky, somewhat windy.

I filled the cooler with sliced apple, pear,
orange fruits,water biscuits, slices of
Monterey Jack cheese, Capri Suntetra packs,
bottled water, Chex Mix cheese flavor,and off
we went.

The high tide this day is Noon time, but alas
we arrived 30 minutes after the high tide so
we came in rather late to catch any fish.

The kids had fun casting out the fishing pole though,
watch sailboats pass by, shoo away sea gulls wanting
to eat our food, feed the pigeons, or just plain
enjoy the outdoors.

After spending three hours out by the windy
coast we just had to warm up. I took the kids to
Vietnamese restaurant and ordered a couple
of hot Vietnamese Pho Soup. Its a nice way to
recap the day.

Here's some picnic pictures:

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