Sunday, December 02, 2007

Food for the gods for the Holidays

Finally, I tried my hand in making Food for the gods cake.

The fragrant aroma and sweet taste of this cake reminds me of the Holidays.
It reminds me of another cake, the Fruit Cake which as a child came this time
of the year - Christmas time and New Year.

I always get little squares of Food for the gods wrapped in foil
whenever I visit my sister-in-law Ate Marivic. Well its about time
I demystify and explore the how-to's in making this cake.

I used - Connie Veneracion's Food for the gods and Christmas Cake recipe. Click here to view her recipe.

One of the ingredients Molasses, I had to buy in a gourmet food specialty store.
The other ingredients pretty much you can get from a regular grocery market such as butter, eggs, baking powder, brown sugar, vanilla, raisins, mixed nuts, pancake syrup, alcohol such as rum , brandy or whiskey.

It wasn't hard to make this cake at all. I was just be mindful of the cake while its baking. After 20 minutes, I made sure it wasn't burning , and checked on it every ten minutes. Total baking time: forty minutes.

Also, it takes time to make it. Total time to make the cake: one day. I had to moisten the cake with the syrup-whiskey mixture with a brush, every one to two hours throughout the day. But, its worth the wait to enjoy this marvelous cake. After the syrup mixture was used up, I cut up the cake in small squares, and placed it in a cookie jar. I'll see the reaction of the kids when they get back today.

Here's a couple pictures of cake in the making:

combining flour with the coarsley chopped nuts and raisins

brushing pancake Syrup/Whiskey on the cake

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