Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Noche Buena Cooking : Pork Barbecue

My take on Pork Barbecue:

I cooked pork barbecue for our family Noche Buena, Christmas 2007.
I followed's Home grilled pork barbecue
recipe for this dish. Click here to view the recipe.

I must say it was a hit for the grown ups with its spicy
taste and hint of citrus flavor. The kids, well they
liked it as well but had to get a glass of cold water
ready for them to drink because of its spicy after taste.

I used Vietnamese Chili Paste that comes in small jars
for the chili component of the Recipe.

For the basting sauce, I used honey instead of sugar.

I cooked this twice, first for a trial run and second
the actual Noche Buena. The second time around I forgot
to add minced garlic. A family member's comment: its more flavorful
with the minced garlic added. So, huwag kalilimutan ang bawang
sa inyong marinating at basting sauce.

Thank you Connie for the Recipe.


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